What Do You Think of This Lot?

Gren said:
After clicking on the link, even less than I did before, it closed all my browser windows down, cnut.
Are you running the latest Islamic Explorer 8.6 browser?

Sorry.. couldn’t help it...
BanjoBill said:
Check out the video...
Some thick scouse cunt ex squaddie "I was an ex-soldier..." the twat managed to squeeze in a John Lennon lyric too, I'm surprised he didn't mention Hillsborough and the famous scouse sense of humour.
vvaannmmaann said:
When I looked just now,there was an advertisemnet for "Muslim Matrimonials" on their site.That made me laff.
I just had one that was asking me to click and listen to a calming recitation of the Holy Quran by SHK Meshari Alafasy 8O
Arankay said:
Is it me or is mong orator number 1 wearing a Burka? The very thing his mongy mate is opposing on a placard in the background.
It's you. :wink:
He's wearing a 'hoody' top.
Actually that doesn't make it any better does it?
I can see why they're worried enough to march (Don't agree with them though).
It's all part of the rise of extremism to defend what they see as their 'traditional' values. We've got the other extremism - Labour's social 'immigration and multiculturalism' experiment to thank for all this along with the rise of the BNP.
If you put your fingers in your ears and shout la la la repeatedly it should all go away. :roll:
Why can't we introduce a new form of conscription for these guys. Two weeks basic training, free cocaine and sublimal brainwashing and then out they go to Afghanistan as suicide squads.

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