What do you think of the army cadets????

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by dannyd, May 12, 2005.

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  1. I dont know if this is the right place to put this thread so i will just put it here....
    I am a cadet rsm and i just want to know what regs think of cads... It seems to me like regs hate us and look down on us..but think about it these cadets would be really eager to speak to regular soldiers.... like apparently they had to stop cadets doing the pti course because regs didnt like cads having the same qualification etc.
    Wot do u lot recon, wot do you think of the army cadets
  2. Since when where cadets allowed to do regular courses anyway?

    What is wot?and dear lord what is Recon?sorry but i dont speak chav boy
  3. Cadets are the same as scouts, brownies, cubs, boys brigade, guides etc.... uniformed youth clubs, not an off spring of the Army, even your cadet instructors dont even have had to have served!!
    If you are thinking of joining the Regs, dont keep harping on about being in the cadets, youll be ridiculed.

    Ive never seen a cadet with a regular Army PTI qualification, my brother was a cadet and did a tinpot half-arrsed cadet PT course, but it definately wasnt an equivelant to that of a Reg. Id like to see you turn up on day one of your basic training with crossed swords sewn on your uniform!! 'I got it in the cadets sir' :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Depends from individual to individual. My old county had a 'senior platoon' where you have to be three star training minimum and come a with recommendation however the standard in the platoon varied a lot. If you are a good shot (ie in the county team) and are pretty good at field craft (county combat cadet team or equivelant) I dont mind cadets. The ones who annoy me the most are the stuck CCF types who think that they are better than us ORs. Don't ask bone questions, pester them for kit etc and you should get a decent response. The ACF is not a uniformed youth club. I have instructed cadets and I run the local Scout group and there is a world of difference. There is also a huge difference between the Scouts and the local youth club. People who take this view for the most part have never had any thing to do with the cadets so try and ignore them.
  5. Don't just rubbish the cadets guys!
    They are not meant to be regular soldiers!
    But they are more than just a youth organisation in uniform!
    (I don't know of many youth organisations that let you run around with guns!)
    Plus the cadets does encourage kids to think about joining the army - which surely is a good thing?
    But you are definatley right about harping on about it - best to just keep it to yourself and use it to your advantage!
  6. I agree with my fellow serving soldiers , cadets are just the same as scouts , guides etc . You are asking for trouble if you mention a Cadet PTI being the same as A regular PTI what a great RSM (cadet ) you must be . I will say cadets is a good thing for kids to do to keep them off the streets and out of trouble . But dont think that being a cadet then joining the "regs" or whatever you call it will help you , it wont if any thing it will get you a swift kicking . It will tell you that the Army may be a career for you as you will have a brief insight into being a soldier . Drop the cadet RSM thing on this site as it makes you look like a co"k , and you wont get a good answer out of any body . Your instructors mostly have never served . And you all shape your beret by pulling past your ears . In short that is my opinion of Cadets . Oh yes i was one for 4 years , i learnt the hard way .

  7. I swear down blind this is absolutely true. But I've seen it done. Chap rocks up to PT in white vest with crossed swords on to the bemused look of all that knew him. "I did it in the cadets"........!!!!!

    As for looking down on cadets. Probably not true, why should we ? Some of the instructors yep they dont do the organisation any favours. I think you would find that lots of soldiers served in cadets or scouts or the like as nippers and most benefitted from it. Also they would probably have no issue with talking to cadets or any young people about Military stuff. as long as it isnt along the lines of
    "what am best Gun" or "have you kiled aneewun"
  8. dannyd

    Before you get a savaging from the rest of the good folk here on arrse.

    Please stop and read your posts, if they are likely to make you sound faintly ridiculous reconsider and phrase your comments a little differently.

    Please learn at least a modicum of good english (that is don't write like you talk ....like).

    And finally posting as you have is hardly likely to improve cadet/regular relations please don't refer to your rank it just gets some peoples backs up and is pretty much superfluous to the question asked

    hope this helps

  9. to be honest, i hope that the cadets arent allowed to 'run around with guns' either!!
  10. "Wot do you think of the army cadets?"

    Realistically, I wouldn't have though the Army gives a flying f~ck what badges the cadets hand out.

    The one use the Army has for the cadets is PR among kids and parents, which might translate into recruits 'one day'. That's it. A lot of the ACF threads are plagued by sadly delusional posts by adult instructors with a marginal grip of the reality of their place in the scheme of things. It's a youth organisation (ging gang gooley goo) that happens to have somewhat tenuous links with the Army. I can quite see that when you're a teenager it all seems deadfully serious. But the reality is, it isn't: no-one gives a toss. ("You were a Cadet RSM? Yeah great, crow, now sweep that floor")

    Every respect to kids who join it, it's fun, somewhat exciting, I'd imagine, and is somewhat better than (a)doing chuff all (b) nicking cars, or (c) watching TV. But, and this is aimed at AIs and co, do recognise it for what it is, because as Mr Filbert Fox implies, if you start spouting off, you'll look a c~ck. No matter how much you've spent in Silvermans to look the part.

    Mr Fox - you may start with your stab-baiting. On your marks....GO.

    (and FF, ref your Q some weeks ago, yep, that nice shiny telic medal has now turned up).
  11. not when theres cadets to be had!! :wink:
  12. Oh and by the way, there's an OTC and ACF forum, that would be the right place to put it.

    Cadets, was a good laugh, but don't let it go to your head.
  13. good point!
  14. i think the correct term is "Training with weapons"
    "run around with guns" sounds like an audition for Rambo
    yep it helps, i always advise cadet leaving to Join the Army is "Keep Mouth shut and ears and eyes open"
  15. Well, what can I say, cadets look up to regular army soldiers as virtual gods and what do you do on this thread but basically tell them the are crap and worthless!

    Most of you posting are STABs anyway, who have crappy civilian jobs, no life and want to pretend being a real soldier, and as for you so called "regular soldiers" ripping cadets, most of you have no real understanding of the ACF.

    Yes i am an instructor with the ACF, I'm ex RE, joined the local TA after leaving, they were a total bunch of w&nkers and walts! After leaving TA I got new mobilisation papers to report to this TA unit! wrote to RE Manning & Records managed to get it changed back to RE unit, no fecking way was I going to war with those nobheads!

    I agree the ACF is a uniformed youth organisation and yes we do have our fair share of crap instructors and walts, but for the most part it is an enjoyable hobby, where, believe it it or not, we do get some cadets ready for regular service, and I always tell them to keep their mouth shut and not mention ACF and those that do join still come and have a beer with me when they are on leave, so can't be doing too bad a job.

    Don't tar all us ACF instructors with the same brush! Best thing you could do is go and help an local detachment, then you will have the authority to pass judgement on the ACF.

    Someone mentioned that the ACF is nothing to do with the Army, unfortunately you are wrong on this point, in recent years we have seen the control of the ACF being taken over by the Brigades. With so many regular units overseas, the ACF is the only military presence in some areas, this is why it is important for ex regs to join and pass on their valuable knowledge and experience, for example, in my area we have not had any ex regs join in the last two years, loads of civilians, who are tuning the ACF into a youth club because they do not have any understanding of how the Army works and it's ethos.