what do you think of cadets?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by 5.56mm, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. what do you think of cadets? honest opinions
  2. Cadets I have no issue with (except one). Its some of the walts who train them that need to be gripped.

    And why have you put this in the wrong forum 5.56 (your height or age perhaps) got f all to do with the QM.

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  3. is this some one having a wah under a different user name?
  4. wrong forum opps wah
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  5. Got to start somewhere...
  6. I really loved cadets when I was in (ATC though, not ACF) - only seems to go downhill when either the kids or staff start treating it like a "real" military organisation.
  7. I wouldn’t want to eat a whole one :D

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  8. What kind of question is that?
  9. Spot on mate.
  10. Mmm is that not the problem?

    Is it a Military organisation or not? If so should it not have Military Instructors? If not then should not the Military get rid?
  11. Some of the best instructors I have met have been ex-cadets or civvies with no regualr or TA experience. The reason is that thjey have known no other beast but the ACF, can't Walt, because everyone knows they've always been Cadets and everyone knows that, and their knowledge is solely ACF based.

    This means you do not get instances of Ex-Inf types teaching Basic and 1* Cadets battle First Aid from when they were "In", such as tourniquets (I have seen) or people doing the old "When I did 2 years in the TA we were with THEM and......" It also means that people who are medically unfit (not necesserily fat cunts) can contribute.

    Unfortunately, we also have our share of Walting cunts, and power mad people who have never served. There are definitely problems, but they wouldn't be solved by making it Mil/ex-Mil only.

    In my County certainly, the CTT need to liase more with detachments outside of annual camp. Thery provide the Military support, and should really be keeping the Walts in check if the upper echelons are not.

  12. When i was in, many moons ago. None of us treated it like mini army, it was just fun and pissing about with guns. Now it seems some actually consider themselves to be somehow connected to the military, and some spend vast amounts of money on super gucci kit. get rid of these tossers and it will be good :)
    I still remeber with a tear in my eye when an ACF NCO was talking to me and wondered why i wasn't acknowledging his rank, he got very angry!!!
  13. We have a number of ex cadets in our mob, and theres a 75/25 mix of good/bad. The good are willing to learn, respect rank, and have a valuable contribution to make. The bad are basically gobshites who have been everywhere and seen everything, all at the age of 18/19, cannot be told the correct way to do things, claim they've done more advanced training than we try to teach them, so dont need to listen/take part and backchat senior ranks/disrupt lessons.

    There.....Thats what I think of cadets.....
  14. as an acf cadet myself i find tat ex-reg instuctors are better, for the most part those ex-cadets come straight from being a cadet-NCO and act as if nothing has changed, the ex-regs seem to have more compassion to those who may-not be fit enough to do things, and they encourage them much better to push to their very limits