What do you think is the best looking medal?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by smudge67, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. Right, I'm no medal geek....and I don't have a clue about medals in general. My question is....what do you think is the best looking medal?

    For me....it has to be the Iron Cross. The medal is timeless.

    I may change my mind depending on what gets posted :)

    The one shown is my own original medal that I picked up somewhere??

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  2. Smudge can i borrow it to wear on my police tunic for remembrance parade........
  3. ps I hear the boxenkopfs want to bring das Eisen Kreuz back as a gallantry decoration. It must e true I read it on Goooooooooooogle.
  4. If you wish ;) I've not got time to court mount it next to my gongs.
  5. Court mount it? It's supposed to go round your neck isn't it? How do you court mount that?
  6. I fancy dangling it next to me police whistle and chain....
  7. [​IMG]

    got to be up there
  8. Yes it is supposed to be round the neck. I've not got a ribbon for it. I have the keys to my hotrod hanging off it normally. You're welcome to borrow it for the day ;)
  9. For the record, the VC is sublime in its simplicity.
    I do rather like the South Atlantic gong too. Just missed out on the qualifying period....doh.
    I quite like the TA efficiency medal too - slightly different with its oval shape. (No I don't have one)
    Hilarious ones - Battle of Jubilee
    Fire Service medal (LS&GC?) An....interesting splash of yellow and red. Minging.
  10. You're supposed to name the medal too! I've no medal geek. What is it?
  11. I think it's the VC but not sure. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Think that the Iron cross 2nd class (or whatever) was denoted by the ribbon only (no medal) worn through the buttonhole.

    !st class worn on left breast without ribbon.

    The neck ones were Knight's Crosses of various grades (I think)
  13. Damn. That's spoilt my waaaaaaah :(

    Can people post photos of the medals please?
  14. Yea Victoria Cross.
  15. I think is has to be the OSM Afghanistan with Rosette, simply because I have it.