What do you think about the RAF?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by WTPO, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    The BBC are currently making a programme on the role of the RAF and we want to hear your thoughts.

    We want you to share any comments or experiences you might have whether they are serious, comical or controversial.

    All your comments will be treated in the strictest confidence.

    So go on, express yourself.

  2. I love them.

    By them I mean the RAF birds...
  3. They are the slightly less aggressive wing of Easyjet.

    Their love of white sports socks and slip on shoes is obsessive and more than 37% of the male RAFers are homosexual.

    I do hope this helps.
  4. Per Ardua.

    Fine chaps.

  5. Hello WTPO.

    Have you spoken to PR_Totty here? She's our resident journalistic contact type, and given the punishments which can be doled out for talking to the media without authorisation it's probably best that you talk to her first.

  6. My view? Tremendous fellows and without them the sea's would not be as safe as they should. Also I believe we would have lost the Yom Kippur war without them.

    God save the President!!
  7. It is rumoured that the RAF will be disbanded in the Defence Review and it role split between Army and Navy. Jock Stirrup even admitted himself that "one of the service may have to go". We shall see.
  8. To Quote from the Jokes section category titled
    Armed Forces:
    Jokes with a military theme....a bit like the RAF you could say.
  9. If they disband the RAF who will guard the EFIs' ?
  10. RAF? Not something I think about as a rule.
  11. Some jolly decent coves....Magnificant Men (alright, and Wimmin) in their Flying Machines.

    I also think the RAF approach in employing those with special needs is a valuable service to the community, by preventing them from entering proper employment. The risk of SDR is that large numbers of RAF might be released in to the community. Has anyone considered the possible impact?
  12. I work on a RAF base(more tri service but still RAF run). Decent blokes, but definitely civvies in uniform.
  13. Ask t.he Engineers if they would like to have them back after 90 years adrift
  14. Hi Trigger, you been in fcuking solitary?

    Ref: how I feel about the RAF - hate them with a passion, bunch of pie-eating tw@ts.*

    *It may be 'One Army' for you Pongoes, but it's still one RAF and one RAuxAF :p