What do you sound like? What accent do you have?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bovvy, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Now, I've always imagined that spike7451 had a Northern Irish accent. But I've just seen, on another thread, that, had he not joined the Army, it would has been the West Midlands Police. So he sounds like a "brummie", basically?

    And me!!! Well, I reckon I sound like a cross between Kathy Burke and Janet Streete-Porter, having lived in Berkshire and Sussex.

    So what about you????
  2. Used to have an Essex accent when i was a kid. I've been in N.I. that long that I've got a mixed accent. People from N.I. think I'm either from Oz or Southern Ireland. When i visit my parents in England, girls in bars think I'm Irish.
  3. My accent is a combination of Welsh, and Jamaican, with a hint of Scandinavia thrown in for good measure.
  4. Cheap Glasgow.... 'See yoo Jimmy gonny no dae that, by the way ya bass?'

    Beebs x
  5. Southern Irish, with a bit of taff and west country chucked in for good measure!
  6. Boring Berkshire, but not the pikey stuff. "Grammaaaar" school edumacated, so generally boring as fcuk with the slightest well spoken twinge, my swearing sounds posh.

    Luckily three years in Norfolk and I've not picked up any accent :D
  7. Jeeeeeeeeezz, thanks for the response, guys. Keep 'em coming. I always think you don't need to know how someone LOOKS, but a voice gives posts a bit more "colour".
  8. Ahhuvnaygoatanaxsent,yabassa.
  9. Solid middle Los Angeles, tempered by a sprinkling of Spanish so the "Omigod!" screechy thing doesn't happen. At least I don't think it does.

    But it DOES stand out like a cockroach on a wedding cake, depending on where we are. :D
  10. Accent me? Do I SOUND like a Glasgow ned (chav)?

    What's your point bawbag?
  11. You think I'd go out in public with you if it did?! :D You sound quite kulcherred, for a SPAM! :p

    I was accused of being an Aussie lots of times when I lived in Singas, but that was normally by taxi drivers who attempted to engage me in conversation when I was verily drunken!

    I think I sound boringly non-accented south-eastern-English. I don't speak Cockney nor Mockney - my parents would kill me!
  12. Depends on where I am. Grew up in the Vale of Glamorgan- mother had her accent beaten out of her by nuns at school; not even I understand 50% of what my dad says anymore because of his roots as a Valley Commando and I grew up going to school with posh kids. I slip into the odd Taffism now and then though, especially now I'm back for a few weeks (sospan, not sauce-pan; tuth, not tooth etc.)

    Generally though,most people wouldn't know I'm Welsh from the sound of my voice. (My reflex reaction around sheep is another story.) I've got a fairly generic, non-regional English accent, which does occasionally slip into "Aircrew R/T" when on the phone, holding brief chats, giving instructions, etc. Now spam-side, I've spent the last 1/2 decade or so frantically avoiding slipping into a Bowie/Madonna-esque mid-Atlantic twang by making sure that I watch DVDs of British films & tv programmes on a daily basis. I find the spams stay in awe of a decent British accent and PTP is right, it does snap knicker elastic at 50 paces. (They're also suckers for various turns of phrase that we wouldn't think twice about in normal conversation- they find it endlessly entertaining. If you have a British wingman and you get some decent banter going, you can hold a room spellbound for ages.)

    On the other hand, I can slip into an Orange County drawl at the drop of the hat which is so good that not even Spams can tell I'm a Brit. (Does this count as Walting? Am I a Spam Walt? I'm quite worried now...) Am currently making the most of this skills in pubs and clubs in the UK with similar effects to those described above. (It helps if you have a California drivers license on standby in your wallet for the doubters though.)
  13. Likewise on the no-going-out-in-public, honey. :twisted:
  14. Middle Los Angeles is Spanish, Chica! I had a good 3 years of Spanish-speaking telemarketers calling me up while I was trying eat.

    I bet you say "like" a lot, don't you?
  15. Pretty nondescript really, nobody ever knows where my accent (or lack of) comes from, I'm originally from the Welsh valleys and moved to the Gower, which is a bit posh and full of people from all over the UK who've moved there, so there's no real accent to speak of.
    Joined the Army and spent six years with Scousers, Glaswegians, Mancs and lads from alles uber der platz and so I've picked up bits of accents from all of them.

    So now, i'm pretty neutral but I do find that if i talk to someone with a strong Welsh accent, I start to automatically mimic them and go all Taff myself.

    My other half is from Bristol and so our kid’s accents are all over the shop as well.