What do you see in the mirror?

A tired, worn out, hacked off, p1ssed off, balding ex-matelot, who's losing his hair and gaining a massive belly. A person who would dearly love to climb a high tower with a rifle and a bucket full of ammo, and have some target practice at the sheeple down below. Only I know 1) I would miss, 2) I couldn't be arrsed to climb the tower, 3) I wouldn't be able to climb the tower without oxygen and a medical support team.

And he needs a shave,

And a hair cut (nose and ears)
Victor Meldrew, but worryingly younger and slightly porkier.
Markintime said:
reni_77 said:
This mongoloid puppet version of Matt Damon according to one of my unfunnier friends and his slag wife..
Friends can be very unkind can't they? :D
They certainly can, hence my intention of broadcasting the fact that his wife famously enjoyed being speared front to back in the admin office of our rugby club by a man of colour whilst a couple of the boys watched, the next time she calls me Matt Damon in a Mlaar voice I will do my best 'ooookaaay' Lenny Henry impression before asking her if Carribean cum tastes of Scotch Bonnet Peppers ?
The haunted eyes of a soul in perdition.

Odd that, as I'm in Glasgow. I may need a new mirror.
I see someone who's anorexic

well the object in the mirror is a right fat barsteward anyhow!
I keen vibrant young soldier with the world at his feet.

Then I put my contact lenses in and see that 25 years has shot by in a flash and the vibrant young soldier is no longer that keen vibrant young or a soldier!

A curse on all mirrors!!!

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