What do you really think of the RMP? cnuts or not so bad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TartanTrooper, May 15, 2010.

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  1. is it just banter or would you happily castrate every one of them?
  2. What have you done?

    OR, more to the point-

    What do The Monkeys think you've done?
  3. haha im not speaking without a lawyer ;) na seriously i just want to know if its just a bit of banter like paras vs rest of the army or if people genuinely hate them?
  4. They are essential to the Army and there are some very good people amongst them, quite a few dickheads as well, but they're everywhere.
  5. I think banter and hatred in equal measures perhaps.

    I've met RMP's I "could" (if I tried) get on with, I've also met a good few oxygen thieves amongst them too. I wouldn't trust one though as far as I could throw him/her!
  6. Much like the real police and the army in general really for every decent bloke there's a total shitehead too.
  7. Met some good ones had a drink with a few some total fcuking tools though as said just like every other unit
  8. In Aldershot/Germany etc - Cnuts

    Outside the Rose Garden whorehouse in Belize when a local is waving a rusty .38 in your faces after a tear-up - top blokes! :rmp:
  9. The monkeys I worked with were top blokes tbh, might of been because they were WIS role but nonetheless good blokes.

    NAAFI head on : Bunch of killjoy nobby no-mate strokers who may or may not still wee the bed!
  10. Waht fantastic guys, I would walk to the end of the earth for them, they can do no wrong in my eyes One of the best Corps in the British aRMY AND i WILL HAVE NOTHING SAID AGAINST THEM IN MY COMPANY, WILL DEFEND THEM TO THE HILT.
  11. Can you pass me the turps please fdj?
  12. We're all cnuts, but then we're not here to make friends. I'm in to make sure people who are naughty get done, simples. Most of you seem to understand that after a few years in, but there are a minority who will never get it, usually those who feel 'hard done by' :rmp:
  13. My knowledge of them is old - 80's/90's. As has already been said, some good who have helped me out and some total arseholes! The arseholes were SIB but that's not for here.

    They are the same as any unit, you get a mixture of all walks of life.
  14. As others have said, good and bad. I was walking home from 'an incident' in Hameln with blood running out of my snotter when an RMP rover pulled up in front of me. 'Here we go...' I thought, but all they did was give me a ride back to camp. On the other hand, a spooty teenage lance jack in Bosnia once told me to get my heels togther when I spoke to him - and all I'd done was go in to ask for some evidence bags. So some great blokes and some utter throbbers.
  15. That was my era, I found if you talked to soldiers like human beings instead of roaring at them, you tended to get a lot more co-operation. That said, I've worked with some top notch colleagues but then again some complete w@nkers as well. ;)