What do you plan to do on 21 Dec 12 when it all ends?

My plan is to see it out in a vodka/red bull drunken orgy involving Nigella Lawson, a double bed with rubber sheets and a bottle of Johnsons Baby Oil!

Must send her an invite!
Will there be a Zombie apocalypse?


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Spend all the money I'll be saving by not buying Chrimbo pressies on hookers, drugs and alcohol, that's if I'm still alive as Prince_Albert has me on his Death Pool list ;-)

If it doesn't happen, tough shite everyone, I'll have made sure I had a great time over Christmas ^^


Have a massive party. Then on 22nd december, if it was all bollocks, have an end of the world survivors party.
Wank myself into oblivion. If the 22nd comes around ill be busy cleaning up my mess while everyone else enjoys that Survivors do.

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It fucking well better end on 21/12/12, or I'm going to look a right cunt when I confess to the kidnap and rape of Katy Perry at 2355 on the 20th...8-O:twisted:
I'll be on the pull at an Apocalypse party - any split-tail thick enough to believe an end-of-the-world prophecy by a culture that never made it out of the Stone Age should be more than gullible enough to believe that I'm a dolphin trainer who spends his holidays building schools for adorable picaninnies in Darkest Africa and who happens to be hung like a Shire horse. That way she'll have learned two valuable lessons about believing bullshit stories in one night. I'm just providing a public service, me. :)
I'm gonna have a big fkn orgy at my gaff involving as many 25yr old limber, oiled up, shaved pussy, tits of all sizes girls as my house will allow. If the world's gonna end then i dont give a shit.
Genuinely: Shag as many girls senseless as physically possible, all without protection.

Awesome but not gonna happen: Go on a killing spree in a large concrete bulldozer like that bloke in America did. Mine'd have a GMG in it.
i was thinking of departing on a ski-ing holiday, but now I know about this, I'll probably be departing on a ski-ing holiday.

Has it occurred to any of the thick fuckers that believe this crap that there was probably a reason they stopped making calendars? I bet there was a Mayan stonemasons' work party knocking out dates into big slabs of stone rather than building Mayan pyramids or altars for the sacrifice of virgins, and keeping themselves out of the rain. When the chief came along to see how they were getting on, he was given a quick update by the second mason's third mate, who pointed out that they had got to the winter solstice about 1100 years into the future, and would need a few more resources (including virgins and coca beans) to go any further. At which point the chief called them a lazy bunch of fuckers and sent them for a quick round of the “Mesoamerican Ballgame”.
Why do people believe that an extinct civilisation is any better at predicting the future than ones which managed to stay around a bit longer considering the problem.
Why do people believe that an extinct civilisation is any better at predicting the future than ones which managed to stay around a bit longer considering the problem.
Who's that then, the Christians? I know they're not a race but all their consideration of past, present and future is a load of cock as well. Except they contributed to the extinction of the indigenous South Americans whilst in pursuit of precious metals. I wonder if they went to heaven?

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