What do you offer a female suicide bomber ????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shagnasty, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. ........just a random thought. If young men are encouraged to blow themselves up with the promise that they will go to heaven and gain access to 72 "houris" (virgins). What do female suicide bombers get promised............72 well hung studs??????? :? :? :?
  2. real mens cocks
  3. gold master card and a row of shoe shops..
  4. A bacon sandwich. Maybe two if they're really, really good.
  5. A bullet right between the eyes before she has a chance to take her hands out of her pockets!
  6. Do bear in mind that these virgins will likely be 6 year olds as per the prophet's wife. Females get to spend eternity with their husband- who will no doubt be busy off shagging his 72 virginal bride children much of the time.
    It doesn't seem much like they thought through this religion fully first :?
  7. I don't think muslim indoctrination gives them anything. Is it not the case when muslim women die they just go to nothing, no heaven, hell, limbo etc they just cease to exist.
  8. MDN on a silver platter ,with an erect penis and a tub of lube in his right hand!
  9. I think 8 is tradiation? Is that right, Mr Menezes? 8? yes thought so. :twisted:
  10. Probably black mailed to do it, or they get stoned to death andd their familiies dishonoured.
  11. There must be a recruiting campaign on for virgins at least, as they must be running short of them upstairs!
  12. the first thing you offer is directions as being a woman shes prob in the wrong place..
  13. Don't laugh to hard but l heard they get offered a faitful husband... So that rules out the majority of blokes then!
  14. a fuggin huge tampon
  15. They get fcuk all, just like the blokes really, because unlike Father Christmas, peace be upon him, Allah doesn't exist!

    Easter bunnie's coming soon!