What Do You Miss?

I don't know why I suddenly thought of it. Perhaps it was because my mate and his missus were in Edinburgh today watching their son marching with 3 Rifles and I sent them a text to wish them all well, but the thing I shall forever miss most about the mob was the cameraderie. It was strange how even the bloke you didn't really have much time for was still judged to be a worthy confidente if you had something weighing you down and he was the only one around. Similarly, if he had a problem it was okay for you to rib him mercilessly, but as a mate, whereas it was fighting talk if an outsider tried it.
What else do you miss?
Bloody hell, ugly: that's gotta be a site record, mentioning the Long Gun in the second post.

Edited to add Boots, AP. I miss them. Beautiful, they were. Still got my first pair, all nicely triple-soled and heeled.


Tongue in cheek but I had to get in quick. I do know what you mean though, I,m at the regt reunion next month and its full on bezzering!
I miss the whole thing really but if I was back in it, I would probably remember very quickly, the things I didn't like when I was there. It has been 33 years since I was there.


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Two tone lightweights!


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heidtheba said:
Could be making a comeback yet B & T?????
Hope so!!

When are you back, need to arrange another curry night!


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heidtheba said:
B_AND_T said:
heidtheba said:
Could be making a comeback yet B & T?????
Hope so!!

When are you back, need to arrange another curry night!
On R'n'R at the mo. Due back mid August.
I'll try and sort something.

But back on thread. The sound of a Chieftain starting up.
Series 3 Land Rovers. Able to be fixed with a hammer and some black nasty....
Lying on the louvres of a 432 on Hohne ranges looking up at a star filled sky
Throwing the 58 pattern back pack over my head, the white pumps in the side pouches always came in useful....not!
The reeperbahn
The slags in Bordon
The friday night slags ball in palace bks
The sin bin in med hat
The garrison slags in catterick
The garrison slags in tidworth
The garrison slags in colly

The WRACs when they really were racks
The under the counter porn from weekend trips tp amsterdam
last thing has to be 10 mark alley
I miss old friends of all ranks and their integrity especially those who've passed on. Jock's banter and their trust, especially when times were tough.
The humour - particularly on 'Active Service'. The sound of the Pipes regulating the working day when in barracks. Exotic far flung corners of the former Empire. OG, KD. Mess life. Being encouraged to take risks.
Pride in seeing hard training turn into perfection on active service.
Just 'being part of it all' I guess. Wouldn't have missed it for the world!

Served for over 20 years though I've been out much longer. Made a good living in civilian life which afforded me the luxury of a very comfortable early retirement - doubt very much I could have were it not for my military experience.

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