what do you make of this

Doublespeak at its finest. What a bellend.


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The guy's a cock. Admittedly, Saturday is going to be a day to watch, it's not going to be as nice and peaceful as Unite and the TUC want, even though it's meant to be a "family day". They've opened the doors to other factions, UK Uncut, Taxpayers Alliance, NUS etc, all with track records longer than your arms. I'll be watching this go off from the realtive safety of my office on Saturday. Revolution, my arrse, just another day for people to come to London and trash it again, they're meant to be protesting about cuts, so how does spending shitloads cleaning and policing the event help save money??
It's worth watching all the way through, just for the laugh at the end where some text comes up stating:

"The love police academy is a highly fanatical team of High Priests and Priestesses who hunt down those who use the sorcery of artificial power to control human beings"

Tinfoil hats all round!
Don't know what he expected would happen frankly. Filming or video-taping sensitive Government facilities has been on the prohibited list since Sep 11, 2001, and only a fuckwit would be surprised to be hassled by the police for doing so. I saw at least three determined-looking men with no necks in civies headed in his direction at the end of the video so I would imagine the London Bobbie would have been the least of his worries.
Has this throbbette got that syndrome where you eat your own hair? I wished he'd start on his head, and I only watched up to where he was stood outside the BBC whining that his plan to cause some havoc had been stymied by a couple of locked doors.
I'm sure you'll all be amazed to learn that Sir William of Bellendshire is actually an ex squaddie!!!!!!! He managed a whole 6 months before he sacked it to go home to his mummy. Cock!!!!

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