What do you make of these idiots?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by diverre, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. So have most British people. I have never seen such drivel. He seems to be high on something.
  2. Well stop advertising their videos then! :)

    The more links people post of them - the more their message is spread.

    Decent people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, can't stand these muppets.

  3. a nsfw could be good idea too!

    explaine to the boss why you are looking at that in the office
  4. True m8....but then people only see what tony Bliar wants them to see and that is the danger and what has destroyed this country.

    Sheeps to the slaughter come to mind.
  5. The Americans get upset about their flag being burned .Cant say it does
    anything for me .Long as you pay for it burn as many as you like everyones allowed a hobby .
  6. I cant view this right now, what am I missing?
  7. Excuse my ignorance m8. Whats a nsfw? And I'm not in an office I'm on a War Pension sick lame and lazy :D
  8. Thank fook the wing-nut headed kunt is out of here soon - As I've stated before; Anyone up for a coup? I'm free next week! :D

  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not Safe For Work.
  10. Cheers m8 I'll take that on in future. Understood sorry about that :D
  11. They're...uh...idiots?

  12. Thats the most amature 'terrorist' video i've ever seen, someone wasn't paying attention when being taught how to terrify. Im not terrified.
  13. Freedom of speech...its a wonderful thing.

    Awww..wasnt it nice to see him practicing his public speaking..was obvious he'd prepared well in advance..what with the notes he had to use to prompt himself. I think he needs to work on his confidence though, must be very shy to hide himself away in his mums tea-towel..

    All in all.. I can't see him getting a high grade pass if he used that as his DITS presentation piece. Not very much in the way of an Intro..good audience interaction though..let down by a poor ending and very little use of teaching points..

    Anyone else care to help me get hold of him to show him where he's going wrong?
  14. What a fucking retard he cant even read from a script without fucking it up.

    From now on every time a Soldier is killed in thier god forsaken countries we should burn down a mosque they will soon get the message? :evil: