What do you guys think?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shinobi1985, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Hiya Guys

    Ill give you a bit of background first, im 24 with a 15 month old baby girl and girlfriend (well sort of) i DOAR back in 2007 wasnt the best idea but i cant say that really because my baby girl woundnt be here then, also since i left i completed a degree in photography.

    Since finishing my degree all i want to do is get back in the army its all i want to do and i wont be happy till im in, but me and the girlfriend have done nothing but fight about this since, in the end i ended move out of our house and going back to live my mam (its s**t). we are slowly getting things sorted again n she coming round to the idea and shes even taking about getting married after i finish after my training (if i get in). My reasons for this is not just not about me, but my little girl, i want the best for her and i cant do that pushing paper about for peanuts like im doing now. I no theres i down side to having a dad in the army but i was a army kid myself and i have nothing but good memories of it.

    ive applyed already and just waiting on glasgow to see what they say.

    So do you guys think im doin the right thing or should i consider other options, whats it like be a army dad and whats family life like now

    Thanks guys...........................be gentle
  2. Fcuk the dorris off, pay your CSA, be the best part time dad you can be. You get one shot at life, settle for nothing less than what you want.
  3. I think its great what your doing mate :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Join the TA and do both.

  5. Not really the job for you is it petal.
  6. Ok bad choice of words
  7. Exactly what I was going to say.
  8. To tell you the truth its going to end up that way i think, but what are the chances ill get posted to catterick because my little girl will be in middlesbrough (the s**t hole that it is). Thats as long everthing goes the way i want it.
  9. Little if any, if you're joining the Infantry try and join 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (2YORKS) as they are based at Blackpool (there is no gaurentee you'll get posted to 2 YORKS, this is assuming you're joining the Infantry), it's about the best you'll get but personally I wouldn't base my decision on a military Career on being close to my family. It will rarely work out that way unless they move with you.
  10. To be fair......with all your experiance you know what you're talking about :roll:
  11. Leave the boy to his rainbows and butterflies, soon enough he'll become a grumpy scarred bastard like rest :D
  12. i'm hopfuly will be join the Royal Signals as a CS Op and a military career is what im after, i think your right i suposse anywere in the uk is just a drive away to see her, but still the girlfriend might see the light and move with me.
    (thats if it all goes to plan)

    But is the Army a good enviroment to bring up a child these days?
  13. It never did me any harm wibble wibble NURSE!!
  14. Me to i spent half of my life on a army camp but its been 10 years since ive lived on camp.

  15. Urgh, Signals?! Forget all my advice, you aren't WORTHY of it! :D