what do you guys feel about the new rifles capbadge?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. do you feel it encompasses the traditions of the green jackets and the LI etc is it a new way forward or should it be left alone (i know this is academic now as it is changing either way) but wnat to hear peoples views on the new cap badge
  2. No mini moke?, no crossed entrenching tools?
    It blows!
  3. it sums up the whole light division so its a good choice - better something simple rather than some of the monstrosities we've seen!
  4. thought it looked good and it could have been a lot worse shame cant call yourself a green jackets anymore as rifles seems a bit too generic a name what happens to the 'royal' as in royal green jackets? shouldnt the new regiemnt becalled the royal rifles???
  5. I think it's sweet revenge on the RGJ for the LI having to endure many years of "Arfur" cap badge gags rather than wearing a throwing star in their beret.

    The bugle is a good choice as it shows the common heritage
  6. well the original rifles back in the times of sharpe (yes i know he was fictional) all rifle men had the bugle as a capbadge with usually the n.o of the line infantry unit they where attached to so it has come full circle.
  7. It could be worse,have you seen the Duke of Lancs Cap Badge,it look's like a Money Clip !!! All in all i think We (the RGJ) on a whole have got off rather litely,as regards Beret and Cap Badge...
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    To be honest if you visit the rifles website and go to uniforms then there seems to be very little LI input at all. No red backing thats a disgrace considering its an LI and Berks/wilts/DERR honour as well.
    Not wanting to moan but they have lost the chance to ditch postman pat hats and keep the red backing. The RGJ badge remains on the Buckle of the service dress belt for OR's which was an LI tradition. I suspect it was the Yorks maffia who ensured the red backing went as they only wore when they really had too and it dissapeared from all signs when the regt went to 2 Bns.
  9. The red backing couldn't stay as it was already part of an existing cap badge of one of the forming units. So that no one could say their badge was used fully a redesigned bugle without backing was used as it had common geritage throughout the regiments. Don't forget, the bugle is the international symbol of all light troops and is still used by European Regiments.

    As for the belt badge - it was a concession for the fact that the new Rifle battalions will not have colours.
  10. Not quite. The red backing was/is a battle honour and none were supposed to be worn in working dress...that is until the Glooms threw their teddy so repeatedly out of their pram that a concession was allowed (very reluctantly so I hear—bad move Glooms, you won the battle but you might have lost the war).

    The belt badge bearing selected battle honours was the logical choice since the Rifle ethos does not include colours. Although it looks RGJ, it is in fact an amalgam of many different parts...as was the RGJ badge forty years ago.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Daddy it was from the DERRs as well as the LI! One in the eye for the yanks which is why we were fiercly proud of it! If no battle honours are to be worn in working dress then it should be worn in service dress. If you have to have a rivet o your hat then at least red backing on the bugle would honour two former regts. Oddly enough as it was a DCLI honour and the SCLI carried it forward when the LI brigade was formed and everyone wore the Brigade badge (which eventually became the regtl badge, the difference being that the bde one was metal) the backing wasnt allowed and the SCLI I believe wore the backing omn their collar dogs which meant as the SLI didnt have any they had to acquire some!
    More minutea of dress regs and bull available when I have finished re reading the regimental history.
    The new regt LI wore it as a concession to Cornwall, Yorkshire got the motto and the white rose on Minden Day. The Durhams sadly got the bin!
    Anyway to anyone about to become a rifle it is a new regt with some great heritage but it wont be my regt. That ceases to exist soon as did all those who went before so sup up and enjoy!
    Not to say were I young enough I would serve again but only as a Rifleman and not under these self serving scum that are supposed to be our loyal servants in Westminster!
  12. Its a Rifles capbadge, look up some old pictures.

    Could have been MUCH worse.
  13. will it be about the same size as the old LI/RGJ or the bugle the size of a boomerang
  14. Ugly- it wasn't a battle honour - they are on the colours. The red flash behind the cap badge commemorated a (so called) masacre of American troops - it was a regimental tradition shared with a dozen or so regiments whose light companies went into battle with unloaded muskets (if one went off while advancing through the woods the Yanks would have been forwarned - so the order was issued that "no grey flint be used". The bayonet was the weapon used to kill the enemy, so when the Yanks found them afterwards they assumed that they were rounded up and massacred - even the wounded)
  15. I can't see why they couldn't have had a red backing to the cap badge. It was worn by the KRRC too after all, so not alien to Greenjackets.

    I agree the hats, at least the newer pattern, are nasty and its a shame they didn't just bin them! And I was (well I suppose am again since stupidly becoming a cadet AI) mafia through and through.