what do you find more enjoyable, combat engineer or trade?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by TartanTrooper, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. read on a thread somewhere you spend more time combat engineering than doing your original trade so it doesnt really matter which one you choose as you wont be doing it very much, is this true and if so is combat engineering any good or is it just dig a trench here, dig a toilet there and fill some sand bags?
  2. Sappers just dig trenches and fill the odd sandbag or two??

    Your not well read then??

    This could be a whaaa
  3. Join 42 Geographic Regiment and never do combat engineering again!!!
  4. Combat engineering every time. You're right that most people don't use their trade all that much but I think you'll find that the other side of what we do consists of a bit more than filling sandbags.
  5. well i knew you were trained in a lot more but i just gathered from sapper mag that all you do is fill sandbags, fill hesco, build sangars and very occasionally go on a patrol with the inf and blow holes in compounds, am i wrong?
  6. Yes you are wrong!

    Demolitions (the best bit)
    Mine-Warfare (not so much in laying these days, however breaching is another matter)
    Basic Combat Engineering (used almost without thinking about it)
    Route Clearance/Denial

    This could go on forever, but broad brush see above!
  7. Oh cool sounds pretty intresting then. What trades are the best to go for? i would like to have a trade that you actually use but not get rushed off your feet working 20 hour days, im thinking of changing to plant operator is that any good?
  8. Fitter Gen, so i use my trade all the time ... Fitter box? Oh, my coffee table.

    I like combat engineering over my trade, But i don't really do either on a day to day basis. :(
  9. Spent 2 years learning to be a sparky at Chep and touched it once after that. Combat Engineer all the way!
  10. It all depends what Unit/s you are posted to, the Corps of Royal Engineers is a Combat Support Arm so where you get your info that you'll be just digging trenches and filling sandbags is a mystery we would all love you to share with us (we are currently donning Full WPE 'Wah Protective Equipment' at present just in case :D ).

    There are Trade Heavy Units like Military Works Force/STRE where you will be carrying out your trade 95% of the time, even in Combat Engineer heavy Units you will still use your trade skills again depending on which units and where you go either on Ops or on Tours worldwide.

    There are several 'Air Support' Squadrons that tend to do (or used to!) a lot of construction tours abroad such as Waterleap in Canada where you could be using your trade for 3 or 4 months, although I suspect with current Operational commitments in sandy places, these are a lot less common nowadays?

    Google Royal Engineers and you will see just how busy life as a Sapper can be. Here is a good place to start:


    Good Luck and Remember - "Once a Sapper - Always a Sapper" we aren't just for Christmas 8)
  11. but if we were we would be that drunken uncle that gets leathered & naked a lot. :oops:
  12. Knocker, you used to do that 365 days a year. :twisted: :soldier:
  13. i did that for around 8500 days mate. :p
  14. Is that all? Part timer :D 8) :p
  15. I don't mind a bit of combat engineering but I think that some of the stuff that gets taught is a bit out of date. When was the last time we put in an aerial ropeway or standing derrick on operations for example?