What do you eat on ARRSE?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by 5.56mm, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. As seem as this cookery forum has been added to ARRSE, it got me thinking. What do you do when you have a long day on ARRSE, what do you eat? I usually drink grapefruit juice and eat cupcakes.
  2. At the momeny Im on antibiotics again so its lemonade with a splash of bitters in,and a chicken and stuffing butty. Rarely spend all day or all night here though,that would suggest a lack of life....
  3. Crisps and sarnies, or crisp sarnies.
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Cupcakes are for poofs.
    Try a grizzly sarnie instead!
  5. The only nourishment i get is the mucus sliping down the back of my throught. that and far too much cheep german chololate.
  6. Take one mixing bowl:

    Tin of tuna
    Black olives
    Tin of sweetcorn
    One onion chopped
    Two table spoons of mayo
    Two tablespoons of tabasco

    combine ingredients, eat from bowl with tablespoon, repeat.
  7. That tuna dish sounds lush.......being no fan of fish, that says alot.....tuna in oil with curry powder mic, onion, toast and a heap of butter...though TABLESPOON....? how big is your gob for the love of tooona ?

    Usually though, oatcakes ( the Highland variety) , huge mug coffee and/or dates. Can't beat a crumbly oatcake.
  8. Dessert spoon perhaps? Knowing the names and sizes is for girls.
  9. Using utensils at all is gay. Korean rules all the way for me!!!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Digestives, coffee, Mars bars, pasties and sausage and bean slice. Unless I'm doing a night shift, in which case, it's wine, coffee and a nice cooling bowl of Weetabix.

    There's no point eating healthy if you are sat on your fat arrse at a desk, er, on arrse. I do actually do SOME exercise when I'm computing; vigorous exercise, but I take a break from ARRSE when I'm doing that . . .
  11. I spent 18 Months working on an IT project with Arrse running in the background of my laptop. It was the only way of not falling into a coma with boredom. Coffee, lots of coffee.
  12. Being the butch manly man I am I have been known to eat brownies (that I baked myself). You heard me...
  13. Real men eat quiche
  14. Swap for Peri Peri!

  15. Judging by the debris around my office, its Bitburger and mixed seeds/trail mix! Although the carpet reveals that a cheddar cheese and beetroot sarnie once went horribly wrong...