What do you drive?

What type of car do you drive? Are you one of these people who insist on getting a really rubbish car (D Reg Skoda springs to mind) or are you the type of person who buys a big car even though you're a singly but then leaves it in the long-term car park for 6 months every year? (I really cannot understand that-ever heard of depreciation?)

I myself drive a Citroen C2 GT (the shame!) (and no, its not a chavmobile-thats the saxo) but I got it for cheap and as I spend 6 months a year out of the uk, I don't care. Even if it has got white alloys. Hey, Top Gear voted it hot hatch 2004!

Hasn't this been done before? Ah well, mine's a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R (636cc). As shown in my avatar.
I had a Volvo V40 T4 until Friday but sold it as I couldn't afford to run it anymore, currently being Doley Scum.

I now drive a Corsa 1.2i - which has NOT been chavved up. I MISS MY VOLVO!!!!

Miss the power and speed, the Air Con, the Heated Seats, electric windows/mirrors, Trip computer and, most of all, THE POWER STEERING!!!!

I feel like I am back in the Dark Ages!!!!!!
:cry: :cry: :cry: :( :( :( :oops: :oops: :oops:
the_matelot said:
My apologies for being a mong.
Too much salt to that excuse of a brain!! Never mind!

I drive every one and everything up the wall!
Peugeot 306 till a week on saturday when i get my Octavia Vrs
I've got an Orange E8. single seater, 27 speeds 0-20, as quickly as I can be botherd to go. Excellent ground clearance, huge low profile tyres and superb cross country abilities. Just wish it had an engine.
the_matelot said:
Are you one of these people who insist on getting a really rubbish car
Do you mean like one of these gay French Rollerskates????

If you had an ounce of self respect you'd climb in it and drive it through a Post Office window.

Why not just start a thread titled, Look at my gay red ladies vehicle
Sensible Ghostie - Land Rover Discovery TD5 (coz its ok with fuel and can fit all the wife's make-up in the boot!)

Fun Ghostie - Suzuki GSX-R 600 K3 - cos 2 wheels are soooo much faster than 4

Mrs Ghostie - me up the wall :wink:

Baby Ghostie - ELC Bob the Builder Dumper Truck :lol:

96 Volvo V40 2.0 litre. (For Sale)
05 BMW 320d 2.0 litre
95 Opel Corsa 1.4 Litre

and 2 classic Vespas!!
I refuse to bite on the basis that as I only use it for a few months per year! What do you drive MDN?

Orifice-nice bike! Got a Scott Expert Racing myself. Hardly ever use it though as I'm a idle barsteward
Is a Seat Ibiza a hairdressers' car?

I don't care much for driving:

1. It interferes with drinking.
2. The road network is the natural domain of the mong (Homo Chavius) and I just get angry.
3. The ultimate sign of success will be having a chauffer.
4. The glamour of the car adverts (long stretches of sunlit roads) does not exist and sitting nose-to-tail in a jam is no fun whatsoever.

Yep! Mid life crisis, but cheaper than a mistress. Still comfortable with my sexuality though.
I've been thinking of driving a burning steak into the heart of my neighbours cat as it keeps dumping in my already untidy garden. However, to stick to the thread, I got sick of paying Tony Blair too much money on road tax, fuel tax and all those other feckers who try to profit from me. I decided to buy myself a Llama as they are cheap, enviromentally friendly and nice and warm to snuggle up to on a winter's evenings. This is Candice my current mode of trasport. I have added a few modifications to the original model, as a result of winning a raffle on Extreme Llama Makeovers. I am still trying to teach her to swallow but its in her nature to spit. Talking of spits. When she has done 36,000 miles I aim to bbq her on a spit in my garden. All Arrse members are welcome to come and feast on her charred remains. :D


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