What do you drive?

Possibly been done before, but this came up in chat tonight and its a chance to catch up with those arrsers who refuse to spend decent coin on a motor.

I'll kick off,

Ford Maverick XLT, 04 Plate

And a 97 Escort for the missus.

Both dagenham dustbins and i love them,

So what do you drive, and does it embarras you??

A slurry coloured, slurry coated G reg VW Polo. I drive it like I stole it and it's a brilliant little go-kart.

Since I'm not cr*p in bed, I have nothing to prove and so, naturally, am not in the least embarrassed by it ;)
I drive a 2 litre volvo 440 that was gifted to me by someone who could not pass her driving test , needless to say she later passed and wanted her car back , shouldn't have signed the documents over to me love , never mind eh

I'm desperately waiting for some scally to steal it
Err which one?

Flying Swedish brick - Volvo 760 2.8ltr V6 Estate

Crawling Swedish Brick - Volvo 740 2ltr Estate

Going to work motor - Crappy old 1.8 D Mondao

F@rkin mad, 'slightly tweeked' 1977 MG Midget (1.8 'K' Series stage 2 lump crowbar'd in and a 0-60 in not many secs, stopping is err? well fun!!)
boney_m said:
ctauch said:
96 Toyota TurdCell...just coz it's paid for, has great gas mileage and am a cheap cnut.
Being a cheap cnut is fine, thats why i buy fords.

FORD = Fcuked Over Rebuilt Dodge. Paid 10K US for the TurdCell and have had only to replace the alternator (not counting tire, oil changes and other normal maint)

Had a ford once while still paying on it had to replace AC (1K US), and transmission (2K US) sold it before paying it off...that POS had me upside down (owed more then it was worth)

Fcuk FORD 8O
ducati916, when that is broke
1993 Toyota Carina LXI

Her 2002 Clio

Ducati last service 1500 euros
Toyota last service 50 euros

Wish Toyota did motorbikes :wink:

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