What do YOU do?

What are you?

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There is a lot of talk on the site at the moment about the lack of Serving/Ex-Serving folk who inhabit ARRSE. We do seem to be over-run with civilian never-served people now.


Let's see (remembering OPSEC/PERSEC) who is what here. Tell us what you do and what you have done.

I know this thread will probably get crayoned over by the usual suspects, and there will be a large amount of slagging off, but this is a serious and valid question so can we please keep this on track and civil?
Wasn't this done by one of the COs a while back??

I am ex-serving. 10 years. Although I still work very closely with the MoD, and other gov agencies in my rather tedious daily existence.
7 years stab RE
Gungythree said:
Fallschirmjager said:
I'm serving but I like to keep which unit i'm serving with a secret. :D
Mobile Bath Unit? 8)
Go on mate do tell :D

Ive been Walting as a VM for 22 years now and have decided to really f*ck peoples promotion chances about by doing a further three :wink:

I have been in the same mess drinking whilst Falls was there but was to shy to go over and introduce myself as I was too scared of the Mobile Bath Units reputation.
Ex REME, CE Tech 1972 - 1981. Now working as a Technical Author, writing software user guides.


AAC, 1978-1996, Bowser Mong/Dvr-Sig, Observer, Pilot, Ops Watchkeeper.

Cold War Warrior. Emerald Toilet Tourist.

Presently employed trying to keep a floating drilling rig floating.
3 Years R Signals. Managed to never really leave basic training due to a number of convoluted reasons (mainly uselessness).

Now providing poached eggs, papers and preaching to todays Army.
Hello All, I have just summoned up the nerve to join, so be kind. I am a plastic crab with the ATC, and have been for the last 12 years. I have been lurking on this site for many months, laughing (and crying) at many of the posts.
Daughter of REME father (10yrs deceased him not me) .... work for international Engineering Company making robots for MoD (we make the bits that make them work) and sensors and things for super cars and other stuff......I do all the Purchasing and book all the travel to get our engineers to test tracks / fields and mines all over the world ... its sheer glamour.....
Served 11 years in R Signals but currently posted outside normal chain and working for a different TLB in Germany