What Do You Do With So Much Profit?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, Jul 29, 2011.

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  1. BP has just announced it has made $5.3 billion pure profit in the last quarter.

    My question is..... What the **** do these and other large company's do with such astronomic wedge??

    The first impression that i get is that we (the public) have all been fleased with their rip off prices.

    The same goes for Banks, Energy providers and people like Tesco et al.

    They don't make millions anymore but billions now in profit.

    And still these ***** put their prices up and up as far as the consumers are concerned.

    I bet that they would rather hide their profits from the public domain if they could get away with it too!

    There is greed ...... and then there is taking the piss.

    Linky ...... BBC News - Oil giant BP sees $5.3bn profits
  2. Look for more oil and gas to fuel your Outrage Bus®
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  3. Re-invest it and pay the rest to the people who own the company i.e Share Holders. Its called a Dividend.
  4. You evidently do not understand that a plc exists solely for the purpose of providing value for shareholders. The customer has nothing to do with it.
  5. Its a private company....on top of that it is a huge company. What don't you understand about a company making profits? BP isn't MECCA Bingo with just places in the UK, it is a world wide company or a GLOBAL company, which deals in a product that everyone wants. It is not greed, its just the profit it made from being a GLOBAL company with a product that everyone wants. If you think you have been fleeced by BP then buy elsewhere. No one forces anyone to buy from BP and there are plenty of alternatives.
  6. I wonder how much profit that is per litre of oil they sold?

    Less than £0.001?
  7. They use the money to keep drilling to maintain or improve current production levels and to find new oil. When you consider that the daily cost of one semi-sub rig is well over $1m the you realise why they need so much money.

    If they stopped exploration and field development work, supply of oil would go down, costs would rise, and you wouldn't be able to POL the outrage bus because it would be too expensive.
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  8. I swapped my BP shares for Shell.Lot less hassle,and better dividends.I also see BP using a large amount of their cash pile to deal with their Russian "problem"
  9. Since most of the equity in oil companies will be held by pension companies and the like, then the answer is pay dividends so we can have a comfortable retirement.
    Maybe this year my pension company will not lose £7k of my pension and charge me for managing my fund.
  10. The word simple in your name adequately covers your knowledge of commercial endeavours. Without customers there would be no business, therefore no shareholders. Customers should be at the forefront in the running of a business, and as I am one of those shareholders (albeit on a minor scale) I can tell you that every cent of that profit has been hard earned, and on some very risky investment. Don't forget that a year or so ago BP was being lambasted for an accident in the Gulf of Mexico, where an exploration rig exploded killing the crew, and causing a pollution incident that will be remembered for a very long time.
  11. Indeed, but it wasn't entirely BPs fault. The fault lies with the owners of the rig that turned firework, but being yank they were gutless and refused to take any responsibility for the chaos.
  12. Fully agree with this, it just became a stick for Obama to beat a drum with, but thats the way of the world, because a sub contractor cocked up, the main business gets its name dragged through the mud (and oily beaches). I presume that eventually BP will be able to follow legal methods against those who screwed up so badly to recover its costs, IIRC Halliburton has a lot to do with this.
  13. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    considering the govt petrol takings are down 800 odd million but the oil prices are so high you cant but make a profit - as usual that is the fault of the american financial industry. not by using too much as now or invading everywhere to secure supply and drive the price up. apparently the oil prices got messed up when a bunch of commodities dealers who had allready trashed their own market decided to get permission to set up the oil exchange which took the price fixing away from opec and its been going up ever since with little chance of going back down when there is so much cash to be made.

    I'll have to find the explanation of it as it was quite interesting.