What do you do with Poncho Liners?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by StabTiffy2B, Jun 18, 2007.

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  1. "No Wah"

    Excuse my ignorance chaps, but I've managed to get my grubby little hands on a yank Poncho Liner. What do you actually use it for?

    Do you actually attach it to the inside of the poncho, or is it used like a blanket type thing?

  2. Use it as a blanket.
  3. Oh dear.

    You can do both.

    You can use it instead of a sleeping bag if you wish, I have but only in the summer. Tab into a location, not enough time to be worth bashaing up and getting the bag out, so you grab that, wrap yourself up in it and your tosty warm enough for a power nap!
  4. Both, the liner has ties to secure it to the inside of your poncho, you can then press stud your poncho together along the sides to make a lightweight sleeping bag cum bivvi.
    Or you can use it on its own in dry conditions.
    Mine lives in the boot of my car and gets used for power naps at motorway services or an ally picnic rug.
  5. used as a blanket whilst on Ops. Excellent piece of kit.
  6. or to cover green plastic matresses to prevent the previous occupants dna attatching itself to you.
  7. Sew velcro on it to enable it to be used as alightweight schalf sac.
  8. Why did you get one if you dont know what its for? Do you like collecting kit so you can attempt to look dead ally, or did you just pinch it
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Never actually seen one attached to a poncho but brill bit of kit for all the reasons mentioned.
  10. Are they made like the old Chinese fighting suits or are they fleece?
  11. I knew this question would come up. I've heard that they're really useful (on these boards infact) and saw one that was in really good nick and cheap. It was one of those buy now and ask questions later type decisions.

    I had a look at it and saw the loops, but couldn't quite figure out why you'd attach it to a Poncho? I assumed it was used as a lightweight, quick drying blanket type thing, but wondered if it had a hidden super use.

    Plus I'm a stab and therefore have to buy anything that looks even remotely gucci or shiny.

    Thanks for all the responces so far. The thinking seems to be on the same lines as my assumtions. If anyone knows more uses for them, please continue to add.
  12. Liner for the Jungle bag, the 'laces' almost match up, therefore less bulk in Bergan.
  13. Throw it in the bin go native.....think about it.......
  14. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    New ones have that clever Thinsulate lining. Loops on mine matched little toggle things in my sleeping bag to keep it in place so you didn't strangle yourself with it in the night.
  15. I still have my old woobie... keep it in my vehicle during the winter as part of my emergency kit. Used to have a second one but my grandmother realized it was warmer than her quilt and confiscated it. :)

    Poncho liners are used mainly for sleeping gear during everything but the coldest months... the poncho is used to make a hooch with a few bungee cords. During severe winter weather, they can be used to great effect by augment one's fartsack.