What do you do when youred bored on stag?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by FR_Trooper, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. just wondering if anyone had anything that they do when they are on stag so they dont get bored or fall asleep.
  2. Bored on stag??!! Surely that doesn't happen??!!

    I give it 5 mins before someone mentions smashing one out on the top of a heater in NI :roll:
  3. i knew that someone would suggest that :lol:
  4. Well in your case, and considering your threat level in the UK when on stag you may as well crack one off and get your head down.....
  5. SAS Site Sennelager 1968 my fist bomb site guard
  6. Don't have time to be bored, after I've had a nap, catched up on some reading and taken time out to perve at any attractive women that go past, my 2 hours was over in a flash!
  7. I learned to sleep (lightly) standing up.The carrying handle on the S.L.R. would hook nicely on the 58 Patt. web belt so it looked (from a distance) like you were holding it.It helped to stand in a 'crunchy' area gravel etc or to fabricate one, only got caught once slept too deeply and fell over (seen by Sgt),Oh how we laughed!
  8. Ask tropper. Last time he fell asleep on stag he got shot.
  9. Super glueing a fifty pence piece to the pavement outside the Belfast telephone exchange and watching thick paddys trying to pick it up on the CCTV was always a good laugh
  10. Yeah, I used to do that on checkpoint charlie
  11. Admire the sunrise from a rebro station on the top of a hill on Medman...
    Whilst cracking one off.
  12. I know of a guy who decided to write a letter to his mate to see how long the internal postal system took.

    Needless to say his mate was in the other sanger at the time and watched as the author of the letter got caught by his BSM. Charged - 14 days. Ha ha!
  13. On a site guard at Munster Nord we used to have a phone in quiz.
    questions were read out over the radio and the guys on the towers had to phone in the answers.
    Just before change over once we were asked to write down the 52 states of America.
    Between us we only managed to get 50 so we asked the septics who were guarding the inner compound which two we missed.
    They managed to get 44 of the 52 states.
    Yanks, you have to love them.
  14. 52 States in America?


    (Wah Shield UP)
    Unless i'm missing something I thought there were only 50 states.
    (Wah Shield DOWN)
  15. We trundled up to one of the gates one night at Shaibah after a lengthy road move, after clearing the chicane things there was no movement from either sanger and after a couple of loud long pips of the lead vehicles horn a little bloke came steaming out of the right hand sangar putting his gear on and fumbling round for some keys..We debussed to unload and had the humurous sight of the guard commander screaming at a fat bird poking her head out helmetless, no bodyarmour on and monged with sleep, f*cking Royal Signals again.. :D