What Do You Do Now?

What Do You Do Now?

  • Serving in the Forces (tell us which one and what capbadge!)

    Votes: 27 20.3%
  • Ex-Serving (again, tell us which and when)

    Votes: 90 67.7%
  • Joining soon (What are you joining?)

    Votes: 3 2.3%
  • Never served (Tell us what you do and your excuse for not joining)

    Votes: 5 3.8%
  • I'm a Sock Puppet

    Votes: 8 6.0%

  • Total voters
To start:

Moi aussi.

You knew that anyway.

I also like to bait *********,

Each to their own I suppose xxx


Ex rickshaws 80-85.
11 years at British Rail, 15 years with Royal Mail.
Brother Major in AAC still serving.


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Reviews Editor
Junior bleeder - IJLB
Infantry -Royal Scots

then TA - 2/52 Lowland

49 Para then 10th ARRSE Regt


Book Reviewer
In 1976 failed the medical for RMs because of my eyes, They were 1/2" too close to the ground. Trained as a carpenter, worked on various building sites around the country. damaged 5 disks in my lower back in 1996 been registered disabled ever since.
12 years Scots DG now QOY via 32 Sigs and Scots Yeo for about 16 years
I am about to kick the living shit out of next door.

Not the nice ones I made Sunday lunch for. The other cnuts.

I hope they like the Bay City Rollers.

The noisy cnuts.
REME, 1989-2011. Then a motor spares sales assistant for 6 months before getting a job (without a forces-hating tw@t as a manager) as a Site Engineer.
RAPC last of the True Blues! 1984 - 1991
Brother in PWRR 15 and counting...
Cousin 2 Para KIA FI (Goose Green).
Uncles Glosters, Coldstream & Grenadiers


Scots Guards 67 - 71
RAPC for next 18 years.
Former Reg Scots Div Inf until 2006

Currently part of the AGC family *

* (And dealing with all the muppets & idiots that Londist has to offer)
Not served due to spinal problems. Been employed in the Haulage industry one way or the other after leaving Erricsson communications by setting fire to my desk.
Junior bleeder - IJLB
Infantry -Royal Scots

then TA - 2/52 Lowland

49 Para then 10th ARRSE Regt
Who gave you permission to transfer? You're still on the books of the O&BHG Regiment. 10th ARRSE my arse!

Me? 24 years a Sapper followed by 10 years of humanitarian mine clearance (even though I'm clumsy) all over the world. Now a part time water sampling officer for Scottish Water but have applied for a CAA post with ACF here in Shetland. Been with the ACF as a grown up since 2009.
TA 76-2006 HAC, RAMC, WD RY. Applied to 10 Arrse, waiting for the paperwork.

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