What do YOU do in your sleep?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by caubeen, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. i went to bed woke up on the toilet....
  2. For the information of certain people on this site, I have never swamped!!
  3. The Times doctor (Stuttaford) - commenting on the pilot's case - tells of how he once smashed up his furniture in his sleep, and nearly jumped to his death, because he was dreaming his flat was on fire. Sorry - can't find the online link to the doc's bit - I read it in the printed edition.

    My only experience is very tame. When aged c. 16, away at school, at about 3am I woke up on the landing, by the notice board, to find I'd got up, put on trousers and blazer, and walked about 200 feet along a corridor. Went back, undressed, and fell asleep again quickly. No repetition.
  4. I managed to simulate assembly of webbing in my sleep once. Very odd.
  5. My bedfellow has recently taken to explaining the various technical aspects of their job in their sleep. I figure at least I might be learning something as I (try to) sleep...
  6. Breathe too loudly move to often and fart way too much according to the wife. It nevers seems to wake me up
  7. I don't know about doing anything when I've been asleep but I know what some guys are capable of doing when they are :headbang: :thumright:
  8. I remember a fellow team-member at Bisley who (after a night of serious post-shoot revelry, with much elbow-raising) got up, dressed, went down and got into his car, drove to Brookwood station, parked the car and tried to buy a ticket to London - until a passer-by woke him up.

    Scary for other road-users, and all involved
  9. Many moons ago I was fast asleep* when a clothes horse galloped across the room, leapt on the bed and threw me into a wardrobe. Lights went on - other half not impressed.

    *Note: I had been out for a wee drink earlier
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  11. Scratch my testicles far too much, woke up with red raw scrotem
  12. In my student days, i was known for 'sleepwalking' into the rooms of female members of the student body, and waking up naked and tired the following morning - total mystery.
    Now, however:
    Constantly pummel pillows back into shape while still asleep
    Drool, Snore etc.
    Curiously wake up with t shirt rolled up high on chest so it resembles a ladies crop top.
  13. Cum...

    But apparently these days on top of the snoring, drooling and farting (what a catch I am) I talk. I don't mean random words, apparently it's possible to have a full blown coherent conversation with me and I'll have no knowledge of it at all... now I'm off to exploit this a little!