What do you do if your to young to be deployed

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If you finish phase 2 before your old enough to be deployed (18) what do you do for the time until your old enough?

You have a lot of questions that should be written down and taken to the AFCO, if you must insist on asking the forum at least try to keep your stuff all in the one thread, thanks, Disco
What makes you think you'll deploy anyways ?? The unit that you are going to may not be going anywhere, and if you cant deploy due to your ages, then you'll be on rear party doing your normal job as if you werent deploying
I was posted at 17 years of age to my Battalion back in 1973 which at the time was based in Celle, Germany. The Battalion were actually in Belfast at the time and I had to kick my heels on the rear party until I turned 18 on the Friday and landed in Belfast on the Monday to complete the rest of the tour with everybody else.
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