Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. I have changed units recently for a change hoping this would help keep me renewed for at least another few years but im having trouble getting into the swing of TA again i have last year returned from ops but feel the ta is both a bit dull and counter productive in its training anyone had experience of this with any positive results on how to over come???
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    msr LE

  3. It's quite simple. On Friday, give your wife £200 to buy all the DVDs that she's ever wanted. Sit with her throughout the weekend while she watches them.

    You'll be clamouring to get back with the boys.
  4. I was in a similar situation post tour, and found a change of unit, TA job and routine has helped no end. Being encouraged out of my comfort zone also helped.

    TA Mojo restored.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    This post tour droop in mojo seems to be a recurring theme...
  6. Whenever I feel like i'm loosing my TA mojo I get together the 5 lads in my little town who are in my unit and we go for a quiet drink or go on the piss. This sort of 'bonding' away from the unit allows us to have a good time, have a whinge (a good moan now and then is perfectly healthy) and reminisce about the good stuff we've done with the Sqn.

    When you get together with a good bunch of local lads whom share a common interest (the TA!) it gives you another reason to want to go in on a wednesday night or for a weekend. Of course you may not be so lucky to have so many TA mates living so close and talking TA 'shop' can be a little sad but it works for us.
  7. All the above seems to be familiar
    No substitute for getting out on the lash with your mates who are 'in'
    Remember the regs don't have this problems they 'bond' all the time,
    TA units have to work fairly hard at it.

  8. just go clothes shopping with her - it'l do the same trick - and gud cft training to
  9. Well I left last January when my mojo all but went tried moving units its didnt work for me, but i would reccomend trying it; was a very constructive experience.

    So I left and after about 12 months I started to feel the desire to go back and help the grass grow. If I had time to commit to the TA and all the phys I would but I went back to uni to train as a teacher, so im having to settle to being an army chav force instructor. Which I hoped would solve the itch but didnt.

  10. Its not just a TA thing, its a reg thing as well, the swing from ops highs to garages lows is quite steep, the only difference is you can easily walk in the TA, to leave the regs is a big leap for being a bit down
  11. Losing mine at the moment, due to shit training programmes and the organisation of my parent unit being up its Arrse.

    Seems that fucking around the good lads in the unit is fab for retention :roll:
  12. Lets all be honest, what would we do if we didn't have the TA?

    We'd have nothing that good to bitch about - that pays us!
    We'd have to stop spending our money on the piss ups and little bits of comfort gucci kit.
    We'd have to spend time with friends & family.
    We'd have to fill up one evening a week with some other boring activity.
    We'd miss out on opportunities to give up our well paying(ish) comfortable civvy jobs to go to hot sandy places to get shot at by blokes with funny accents.

    So in short, we'd be happier, richer, have a social life and safer. Bugger that for a game of soldiers. (Pun intended) :twisted:
  13. ...tighten it?

    (sorry couldn't resist)
  14. i dont know of anybody it hasnt affected on return from tour. It certainly affected me.

    we have lost a hell of a lot of guys who dont want to put up with the same old boring routine unimaginiative unrealistic irrelevant training that bears very little relation to what they exeperienced for themselves when they did it for real.
  15. Make your way to the toilets. Lock yourself in a private cubicle. Take down your pants. Pleasure yourself to the point of climax.

    There is nothing quite so satisfying as knowing you're being paid to ejaculate.

    Return to the tedium with a smile, firm in the knowledge that the next one of your compatriots to sit upon the toilet is going to have your DNA all over the back of their legs....possibly not for the first time.

    The frequency of this treatment can be increased dependent on severity of malaise.