What do you all think

I would appreciate your opinion?

I have a degree in International Politics and Strategic Studies. I served in the TA for 5 years ending up as a Cpl in the Int Corps. I did an Op Tour in Bosnia and completed a 3 month arabic course. I then left the TA and joined the Metropolitan Police. Im now thinking of going for a reg commission aiming for Sept 2005 intake meaning I will be commissioned by the time Im not quite 26.

Im thinking about the RMP and the Int Corps or something else?

Any suggestions as to the merits/pitfalls of my plan and any opinions on Corps/Regiments to join?

Many thanks
slime will probably snap you up with your arabic course.
You don't want to be a monkey. Do real security instead with your former capbadge instead of nicking pissed squaddies at 2 am in the morning. Or better still, dump all that JSP 440 crap and do something interesting on the Int side. But not the dark side, too many signallers for comfort. The renewed focus on int means that the Corps is far less likely to shrink than others.

There, anyone I haven't offended yet ?
One_of_the_strange said:
There, anyone I haven't offended yet ?
poofy medics
Have a look at the ETS. Your degree is pretty much spot on for teaching defence knowledge to soldiers and officers and there's opportunities to use your language training too. You don't have to be a qualified teacher - the Army will pay for you to get a PGCE in your first couple of years in the job.
Internationa Politics and Strategic Studies......got the makings of a bloody good Management Accountant if you ask me. Join the SPS and become an RAO, you can then use your skills in debt counselling of some scottish regiments soldiers who think that cheques in cheque book mean money in the bank!!

What ever you decide look carefully, each cap badge has their strengths and weaknesses and how they are perceived by others across the Services.

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