What do women like the smell of ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ciggie, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. Sweat, drying sperm, Armani, socks....? I'm only asking as I have to make an impression later.
  2. Mine loves dettol, the smell of clean things, me now I've stopped smoking and the smell of baking.
  3. The wife likes the smell of cooking meat which is bizarre for an ardent veggie.
  4. Blokey musk.

    Do a 10 miler before meeting her and the aromatic hint of natural homme wafting towards her will make her knickers hit the floor quicker than it took Jo Yates to say 'Why the Sock?'
  5. Knew a girl who would cream her knickers at the smell of DIESEL!
  6. That's most RLC Pet Ops :nod:
  7. Farts? When I come back after having a few beers, Mrs Puttees is always in bed with the covers pulled over her head. Must be in anticipation...
  8. A fresh skiff?
  9. Babies.
    Clean ones for preference it seems but shitty/milky vomit covered ones work as well.
  10. RVA

    RVA Swinger

    Bentley Mulsanne upholstery.

    Ciggie, you didn't specify what sort of impression...
  11. My Balls and my Bratwurst.
  12. Fear, they're like dogs like that.
  13. Fresh shirts, clean hair, new cars and my heady musk of awesomeness.