What do we want from our politicians?

Honesty, morality, servitude, integrity, and honesty.

Not much to ask you would think, They should be a given for anyone entrusted with directing the country..
I was on that song sheet until evidence of the morals and ethical considerations were put aside by Straw and Blunkett to sanction rendition - torture by proxy, in our country's name.

I hope I live long enough to see these creatures face a court, any court and not the current obfuscation this pair and others constantly resurrect in justification and in my name in particular.
Feck me, between the chinks trying it on for uni funding and this Alan Turning walt giving it the numbers, this site is going down the swanny!

Can we not script ban this shit?

I just wish they would grow some balls.
Cameron running away with his tail between his legs when the country needed leadership sums up the level of expectation I have from this inept bunch (all parties).

No guts no glory

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