What do we think of Old Ragyman?

Is Ragyman?

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Right well nice of you to join me.

Points Against:
1. He is a better and more accurate smeller.
2. Is probably a bit more up to date with currants. (only because he has the time to sit around on his arrse all day drying grapes and reading the paper)

Points For:
1. He doesn't know how to do up his own boots. (see thread "boots" on 'QM' forum)
2. Will probably call me all the names under the sun for taking the p1ss.
3. He confesise to be auld.

But may be I am wrong if so Please just PM me and let me know...(offer open to any Old Adam)
Oh and by the way you paranoid bunch of rather
paranoid people who invented a monster that is a
figment of your imagination combined with flashy smoke
and mirrors...this is the first time since miffy died
at christmas that I have been a member of arrse. This
is also the first post I have made here this year.
I am not a member of your UF sites either..so you see
darlings you are boxing shadows m'dears.
Take care, be safe and ....keep smiling OUT
Nice to see you. :)
It wasn't meant as a dig.

Anyway, does being blind mean you can't spell?
Just because ragyman said he is blind, doesn't mean he is.
He also says he's a Guardsman.

For someone who hasn't been here, B_B sure knows a lot about what's gone on :lol:
RCSignals said:
For someone who hasn't been here, B_B sure knows a lot about what's gone on :lol:
That's because she hasn't followed the shining example of LNV and died yet! :lol:

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