What do we think of Old Adam?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ragyman, Feb 7, 2005.

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  1. Right well nice of youto join me.

    Points For:
    1. He is a better and more accurate speller.
    2. Is probally a bit more up to date with current affaire. (only because he has the time to sit around on his arrse all day watching the news and reading the paper)

    Points Against:
    1. He doesn't know how to do up his own boots. (see thread "boots" on 'QM' forum)
    2. Is stupid enough to come to the sort of conlusio that I'm Anya in disquies.
    3. He confesise to be old.

    But may be I am wrong if so Please just PM me and let me know...(offer not open to Old Adam)
  2. What does 'possing' mean? :roll:
  3. I have already said I'm Sh'te at spelling use your initative or spell it out loud just in case you are in capable of doing either it means Posing same but -1 S.
  4. Poor spelling and bad grammar just makes you look like a cnut, ragyman.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Ragyman, are you sure you might not have confused OldAdam with another site user ?

    csm_adam was the one that posted about the boots, but this could be a function of your 'Points For: 1.'
    Though it doesn't explain the inability to distinguish between upper and lower case letters.
  6. Ragy-

    I voted for 'Wannabe'! :lol:

    After all, I wannabe famis, I wannabe yung agin, I wannabe good at doin' up my shoes- like csm_adam! :lol:

    Keep 'em comin' folks!

    Support ragyman! :twisted:
  7. Thats me, I think it has something to do with being an Guards man.

    You know the ones: tall, shiney boots, sh't hot at drill, all was the best turned out on parrade.

    Any way at least I get to ware the pritty blue red blue on the top of my arm. never mind the extra chevron and when it comes the larger that normal pips on my chest.

    If you read the origanal post you will learn that I have already said I'm sh't at spelling and any thing else to do with writing.
  8. ragyman,
    ViroBono has more initiative to the kilo than you can shit after a night out on real cherryade.
    There must be a motorway somewhere nearby you can play on me dears. Be a love eh.
  9. As I said ragy. If you do not have the basic concept of something a 6 year old has squared away, you lose on most points.

    Point 1. You are a cnut
    Point 2. You are a cnut.

    PS Does your 'puter not even have a spell checker? cnut.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    So by the same reasoning illiterate is the same as literate but minus two letters, is does the 'rule' you base your writings on only applicable for one letter per word ?
  11. Your confusing "it" now Cuts :wink:
  12. Ragyman wrote

    Never mind the PM. You're wrong.

    You can't be Anya in disguise. Anya's English is superior. Is there some irony in your ‘teaching English…’ location Ragyman?

  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Very good point by Slob here, you can even download a spellcheck programme from the net.
    I've not done so myself, I use a dictionary.

    (If you find this confusing Ragyman, look up 'book' on Google then go to advanced search and type in 'dictionary.')
  14. No, this rule applies to any one who cannot spell and has to spell fanetically.

    Spelling wasone of the things I had to cheat at whe I was at school.

    And for you lot that understand the Scotish education system I got a credit 2 in my standard grades and for you lot that don'ttheats a B at GCSEl evel.

    I achieved this with a scribe. So NER.

    and even I know Computer is not spelt 'puter the only other way it can be spelt is '''puter each of those funny little marks are called apostrafies and they indecate a missing letter or the go before or after a S when showing that an item belongs to someone or some thing.
  15. So this is what a parallel universe looks like.