What do we miss?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by carpetsfm7sr94champs, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. I miss coming in from exercise and then going to the bar and getting sh1t faced with everybody, OC downwards.I miss the comraderie,is it still as good as it was, in BAOR? I miss things like Sqn bars; do we still have them ? Or has all gone to dog toffee? Any thoughts my old muckers ? Sala?
  2. 1 adsr Verden 89 -93 where are you?
  3. The lack of Sqn bars is a real pisser in GB.
  4. Sqn Bars are not so plentiful in BFG now either. They are gradually getting rid of them to stop all ranks drinking together in case something goes wrong. Pity, lots of issues are often resolved in Sqn Bars. OK, sometimes there is a bit of bother there also when you get the odd gobby git whose been waiting to have a go at someone for ages, but they are the minority not the majority. But there are not many occasions when there is the opportunity to talk to your Senior or Officer in a laid back atmosphere over a few sherbs.

    Not having these sometimes just adds to broadening the divide between the different ranks.

    97-00 We were in Krefeld and the Sqn bar dos were always the best. Was back in Germany 2 years later and all the Sqn bars where gone then. Shame!
  5. The squadron bar in 20 Armd Bde is fantastic. It is run as a coffee shop/buttie bar during the day and then as a bar in the evening. All the bar profits go back into the PRI, which is nice.
    It is open 4 nights a week and the razz man opens it whenever he feels we need a good blow out or chest poke. Always open during internationals or big football nights.
    Best squadron bar I've ever been to.

  6. 280's bar in elmpt was very similar, however, Naafi seem to have a monopoly on camp these days and before I left the bar was only allowed to make 100 euros profit a month, I believe this is now happening all over germany in order to prevent so called "initiation ceremonies".
  7. The problems with 280's bar are that the NAAFI got the Pay As You Dine contract, your actually lucky the bar is there at all, i'm sure it was a hard fought battle to keep it Sqn run. NAAFI do win in the end anyway, the booze is ultimately purchased from them anyway. They also jointly run the PRI shop in Elmpt, work that one out :?

    Bars have been closing for years, and its to do with more than initiation ceremonies. Its hard to justify keeping a bar open, especially if its not profitable or there has been a history of drink related trouble in the Bar. The drinking culture that existed 15/20 years ago in the Army has diminished, finding someone fit to drive after lunchtime at 28 Sigs in 1991 was impossible.

    That doesnt detract from the fact that having a good Sqn bar, where all ranks can mix over a few beers after sporting events etc is a bloody good asset. Unfortunately it usually takes only a couple of idiots, or a new CO with anti drink ideas to kill it off.

  8. Any decent bars in Blandford camp?
  9. Erm, no. But it depends what you mean by decent. The mess is decent because its so cheap. Humphs has closed i believe, but was never decent. The bowling alley is alright, but has zero atmosphere. Cant speak for the Semaphore club, i've never been in there.

  10. it was a shame that 7 moved to elmpt as the sqn bars at krefeld were awesome! sometimes as a singly you never needed to leave camp ! it was a challenge in it self to make it round all of them! loved 7 sigs (96-99) RIP sqn bars
  11. New george III bar is alright supposedly a sports but only seen it play sports once when a couple of us asked for the boxing.

    Although it is run by sodexho so when the restaturant reopens prepare to pay to eat the same shite you eat in the cookhouse
  12. As i thought Gents, the whole ethos of what were supposed to be about, has it seems, all but dwindled away.Boll0cks isn't it?
  13. Hang on a minute!!!!!!

    Humphs has closed?!?!?!?!?

    Why? When? Whats there now?

    Haven't had to go to Blandford for a couple of years - Humphs was the stabling influence during crap courses.

    I suggest a minutes silence.

    Loads of Squadron/Unit bars in the Falklands - only thing that makes a tour there bearable.
  14. It closed down and aparantly has reopened under new management (about bloody time).

  15. I was at 7 94-97 and the bars did rock. I helped build the 231 bar under the accomodation and had some superb nights there. I miss it all very very much.