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What do units do with their TAPOs during training?

I’m currently going through the TAPO scheme, and having completed Module 1 (TSC Inf 9 weekends) now have a break before Module 2 which I’m using to prepare for AOSB.

However, as I’ve not passed main board yet, and having not completed the 2 weeks (TSC B) I am not technically a trained soldier or “officially” an officer cadet.

A couple of questions-
1) When does the TAPO recruit become known as an Officer Cadet?
I have seen various answers ranging from completion of module 1 to passing main board.

2) How much training can the TAPO do with the unit in addition to officer training?
i.e. there may be an insurance issue with recruits attending exercises (I’ve read that thread), but once the TAPO has completed module 1, all subsequent training is officer specific and so are they insured to join troop weekends (avoiding using any kit that requires trade training)?

3) What do units do with their TAPOs in training?

I’d like to find out the official policy answer or how it’s been done in other units, rather than just sensible suggestions of how the TAPO scheme should be run! Mainly to get involved in learning about the equipment and how the troop works, keeping the TA mojo going and improving military skills rather than spending Tuesday nights for the next year or so watching videos in recruiting!


1) Upon passing main board
2) MTQ1 is the equivilent of CMSR (Basic training) minus CBRN. Not sure if Mod 1 is the same. In fact reading through your post you say yourself you still have 2 weeks to do.
3) Special to Arm training asap, other than that get hands on with the boys. You may be invited to the mess (my mob does this at least) but you're not in yet. Yet.

If you are training with OTC be aware that if you do stack twice at MB MTQ2 = JNCO cadre. If you're a good lad then this will come to pass but if the unit wants to be certain you may find yourself doing a cadre anyway.

As you can see I went OTC and the 'new' (seemingly differing routes) confuse me.

This is obviously only half the story and someone will be along shortly to spell out how it works with the module system.
I'm vaguely troubled by the fact that you're not sure - the very fact that you have asked the question means that the system has alreday failed in one shape or another.
Cheers for the quick reply,

Under the TAPO system:
Module 1: 9 weekends (TSC A + Inf).
Module 2: 10 weekends (leadership skills)
Module 3: 9 day battle camp (tactical skills)
Module 4: 3 weeks Sandhurst.
Module 5: Post Commissioning training/specialist to arm.

In comparison, soldier entry is:

Phase 1: 6 Weekends (TSC A)
Phase 2: 2 Weeks Pirbright. (TSC B)
Then basic trade course.

Therefore the TAPO never does his 2 weeks at Pirbright to become a "trained soldier", hence the issue of what they're allowed to do and what their status is. As you say, I'm not in yet as an officer, so I'm not expecting any special treatment, just hoping to get involved as much as possible so I can hit the ground running should all go well. I unfortunately don't have the time to do TSC B and then muck in as a soldier whilst going through training.

My unit have been pretty good at letting me get stuck in with the lads to learn something as much as possible whilst also trying to mentor me with a bit of what being an officer will entail. However, as it's not a well trodden path, no-one quite knows how much you're officially allowed to do whilst working towards that main board pass!
@ MrTracey

I've got the up to date recruiting literature in front of me, which details the training process well, but it doesn't focus on what you'll be doing with the unit, or how it works going through the training whilst also working towards AOSB. Next training night I'll see if the PSI has found out, or get in touch with the Div TAPO mentor if not, but I suppose they're not questions that get asked often.
Speak to the OC of your RTC TAPO wing. He should have a copy of your Bde policy. IIRC in 15 Bde at least the PO can attend any training his CO wishes him to do whilst going through the TAPO process so long as this is cleared with CO RTC first.
I am going through the DETAPO process now aswell. I am due to go on weekend 2 of 9 next weekend. I have been told by both my unit and the Officer Training Wing at the RTC that I have to do the 2 weeker at Pirbright before I can go and do Mod 2.
I am going through the DETAPO process now aswell. I am due to go on weekend 2 of 9 next weekend. I have been told by both my unit and the Officer Training Wing at the RTC that I have to do the 2 weeker at Pirbright before I can go and do Mod 2.
Which is, correct me if I'm wrong, MOD1 or the equivalent thereof.

If you haven't done the 'two weeker' or MOD1 then he's right. Not sure how you started MOD2 (as you seem to have done) without either.........Christ!, you'll be saying you haven't done Briefing at AOSB or Main Board next!!!
I'm sure I read something about the mess here- once you have passed Main Board you SHOULD be invited to the mess. Note invited!

You are an Officer Cadet when Main Board is passed- prior to that you can call yourself a Potential Officer. Or in our case we would just call you scum ;) Recruit is a better word!

When you are on Mod 2 you won't have any chance to get on with company weekends, so if you have a break whilst waiting for them, use it. You will be swamped with revision, phys and reading.

Get your Board done ASAP, it will put your mind at rest and is the biggest tick in the box you can get.

Good luck
@ birduk- I think I'll stick to Recruit, it's more catchy than Potential Officer (or SuT!), and more accurate pre-AOSB. As you say, getting the board done asap is the priority. Seems strange (although sensible) that you can start a course before being accepted onto it..! Such is the DETAPO scheme!

@ MrTracey, I believe that Richy4 is going through the initial Phase 1 weekends. I'm not aware that any RTC runs a Module 1 just for DEPOs and so Module 1 is run as Phase 1 of soldier training. The issue is whether the 9 weekends of TSC A + Inf are equivalent to Module 1 of the DETAPO scheme (as I was told, and is implied in the latest recruiting literature), or whether one has to do 2 weeks (TSC B) at Pirbright in addition to these (as Richy4 has been told). Under the DETAPO scheme, AOSB Briefing and Board are undertaken during training, with a main board pass required before the end of module 3, but usually module 2. As you pointed out earlier on, the fact that these questions remain mean the system isn't working somewhere, that someone is giving out of date information, or that there are amiguities in the process. I'll see what the unit say tomorrow.
Static, you sound like a very sensible chap. I have no doubt that you will ask the right people the right questions, but don't expect the right answers! Your best bet at this stage is to continue doing what the other recruits are doing and work hard towards that main board pass- most questions that you have will no doubt be asked and answered there.

It is a blooming long process, but I am sure the cherry at the end is worth it ;)
Ok. Mod 1 - Should be 6 weekends followed by the 3 weekend Inf add on. (Phase 1 soldier passing MATTS) You dont have to do the 2 week FTX but you must do the 3 weekend Inf add on! If you are booked onto a Mod 2 without doing that you can be RTU'd as not being correctly training and qualified.
Attend and hopefully pass ASOB
Mod 2. (When passed this you can be considered a phase 2 soldier, although not by Sandhurst. As they dont have phase 2 soldiers they consider ALL PO's and OCdts to be phase 1)
Attend and pass Main Board
Mod 3.
Mod 4.
Mod 5 post commissioning.

What do units do with their TAPO's? Help them and give them as much avice, guidence and leadership training as possible. I always recamend as well that TAPO's try and get away on Inf style weekends to practice soldiering skills while not trying to also be the next Napolion.

If you are a DETAPO then ask your RTC OC OTW if there are any Inf units they can ask to get you away with. Usually there is never a drama as the RTC pays the MTD's (as it is still classed as Phase 1 Training and relativly uncapped) and the unit gets another bod to play Tom with. Or maybe even give you a Plt!

If you are a TAPO then get on to your units CoC and ask to be involved!!! The more experiance they give you now will help you on Mod 2/3/4 and make you more employable when you return as a one pip wonder!
I am a little confused now, why am I being told I have to do the 2 weeks TSC(B) course after the 9 weekends of TSC(A) if as a DETAPO I don't have to?

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