what do u think of recovery mechanics?

Discussion in 'REME' started by monday, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering if its worth becomeing a recovery mechanic ?
    Whats the pay like?
    Are the postings any good?
  2. To their credit, no reccy mechs have taken the bait.
    If you're genuinely interested, I'd drop the "bunch of nancys" approach, apologise, and re-phrase your question.
  3. Quality Guys on the BEER
  4. If your maths is akin to your spilleng then you will get along just fine. :roll:
  5. BadManners
    If your maths is akin to your spilleng then you will get along just fine.

  6. Top Bunch of Guys and very loyal to themselves and work hard.

    However there's better paid jobs in the Army and REME, that are alot cushier, kept out of harms way, with less tours and are highly thought of and valued more within there own Corps, plus if outside REME you wont be serving in a Battalion! But.........you do get to drive a CRARRV!!!!!

    If your thinking about joining, I think you should be thinking about what job your going to enjoy doing for 22+ years as opposed to whats going to be any good for you when you get out..you've got to get in first!!!!!
  7. Top bunch of tradesman, get the piss took out of them for being " slightly less intelligent" than the rest of us, but f**k me they can work hard and party even harder.

    ps. must be able to drink own urine without batting a eye lid and any problems with getting wet and cold is a disadvantage.
  8. I've given them a few Yellow Handbags in my time!
  9. Our Det were top blokes who were wizards with the spanners.

    They couldn't do enough for us and added to the life of the Bn in a big way, I have the utmost repect for them.

    They also had a fecking great big crane on the side of their wagon! How cool is that!
  10. @ Monday
  11. I can only emphasise what Jockster has already said, Great bunch of lads, work hard, play harder, get to crew nice big CRARRV's.

    Pro's: Good promotion to Full Cpl if competent, Good job diversity and satisfaction, Ability to charge beer for purely doing ones job, Ultimate authority on recovery job despite rank (can be a Cfn getting a Officer to run around with heavy things!!), ability to reach WO1 without tiffy shananigans.

    Cons: When not on exercise or ops can be lumbered with bone jobs (MT type pish), Slow promotion from Cpl, Gets dirty, muddy and cold on a frequent basis, Recovery camps could be a mare if you too pished on your job the next day, eating poo between two slices of bread could be nausiating, as can drinking warm pish from pint glasses or any suitable recepticle.

    In all seriousness u could do worse, and thats coming from an ex "A" mech VM. I very nearly changed trade as a Cpl VM to Recce Mech (they wouldnt have me :wink: ), spent all my time on ARRV's (apart from last year) and loved it.

    Go for it, pays no different, and people pick on you if your a tech spanker............................

    P.S are u over 6ft, over 15 stone and very hairy??
  12. Straight from the source or not at all.
  13. Thats all changed now, the Rec Mech Cpl - Sgt promotion board is done on merit only, time served isn't taken in to account (this is the only promotion board this happens on). The idea is to get younger guys up to SSgt so there is a bigger pool to select WOs from. The days of 10 yrs as a Cpl should have gone.
  14. Dont forget that they'll be lumped in with the Tech Storeman and others for the MTI mallarky.

    Cant decide if its a good thing for 'em or not - most Rech Mechs are definatly NOT Trg Est types - "Who's doing the shitting on a shovel and throwing it at the nearest C/S lesson today Cpl B?....... Me sir, I was a rech mech in my last post so I'm current..........."

    Frightening is not the word for it...................
  15. They are OK i suppose, but i couldn't eat a fully grown one!!!