What do they want????????

Having completed grading etc, I am waiting for interview. I have heard that for officers it can be competely random, and no-one really seems to know what the board are looking for. Any advice would be appreciated. :roll:
Phone Daavn, call him a clown and tell him to pull his finger out.

Although it may not be constructive it will guarantee you an interview pronto :D

I'll now move swiftly into the corner and let some grown ups answer
Have a butchers at:


Well, all they'll tell you pre-Sandhurst is whether they'll sponsor you or not which isn't in any way a guarantee of a place anyway.

The real selection takes place at Sandbags in terms of your reports (stay out of the bottom third) and the selection board. The interview at Sandhurst's not a grilling at all and will consist of 3 senior officers in front and an array behind. The three infront ask the questions. It's very civil and the 15 mins passes very quickly. They will ask you only about things you know and it is not inteded as a politics session. Mine was but I had studied a lot of politics...they just want to hear you talk and chat. To be honest I thought they had made up their minds before that day....... The worst bit was when we met up afterwards and waited to get the results. Longest 1 hour and a half of my life. Have a strong second choice because unfortunately for some it doesn't work out.
They require a Biggles type person. Walk in to the interview wearing XXXL combat trousars, a silk scarf wrapped around your neck and a large pipe in your gob. Borrow next doors Jack Russell and place it under your left arm and shout at the top of your voice 'chocks away'. The interviewers would be hard pressed not to notice you. Failing that, sulk.....
Gunny is right, it worked for me, even if the jack russel bit me and stole the pipe!

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