What do they test for in a medical?

sugar, protein, blood/haemaglobin couple of other things in the urine.

blood group I think for the blood...
And to see if you're pregnant. Or a virgin.

I mean your friend of course.
After the Bruce Banner incident they had to ensure you didn't have any of that stuff in your blood that turn's the Incredible Hulk into what he is... can't have any big green men jumping around Afghan can we
Please tell your friend that the day before, he (or in fact she or nowadays even it) should consume large quanitities of Asparagus, Onions, Leek and Garlic.

Apparently those taking the piss and those who can't get a proper job and have to analyse it, will really appreciate it.
Some forces take a blood sample for a DNA database. RAF do, I dunno if AAC or anyone else does.

The form states words to the effect, "In the event of a fatal accident, it is often difficult to identify corpses due to the extent of damage to them. Dental records and clothing can be destroyed, and it is therfore necisary to identify people from whatever remaining squidgy bits can be found."

Charming, aint they?
Strict Atkins diet (high protein no carb) for the week before should generate some interesting results on the dip test.
Bomb Disposal: The ability to run 1000 yards in a millionth of a second.

Sniper Platoon: Myopic Vision.

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