what do they poke and prod in the medical?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by boredofmyjob, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. Hey i have ADSC Glencorse in just a couple of days and i wondered if anyone could tell me as exactly as possible what to expect from the medical!
    Do they take blood? Do they make you do anything gross?(checking prostate gland etc) what should i expect?
  2. Yeah you do get prodded about and that includes a finger up your ring to check for enlargement of the prostate. It's not that bad, makes the eyes water a bit. They use surgical gloves and gel, rest one hand on your shoulder whilst inserting a finger or two of the other hand. Nothing to worry about unless you feel a hand on each shoulder.
  3. My MO spent a good while peering up my ringpiece with a mini maglite, making 'mm, fascinating' noises. I have no idea what he expected to find- or what he actually found, come to think of it.
  4. You have to bend over, touching your toes if possible. They then insert a probe up your jacksie, which tests prostrate temperature, size, etc. Its not too big, but if you're a virgin, I'd suggest asking for the lube...
  5. Just dont clench mate...be over before you know it :)
  6. Yes, you have to stand in the middle of the room and masturbate yourself to completion- to test peak blood flow, etc. It's fine, you're allowed to close your eyes.
  7. Remember good hoop admin...

    ...then just bend over and enjoy...... no don't enjoy.....fcuk....be outraged!
  8. Did you opt for extras on the form?

    I ticked everything, and thoroughly enjoyed my medical, I go back every week for one
  9. lol, on an honest note, they do insert 1 finger only up in to your rectum to check the prostate is ok etc, it doesn't hurt as much as you would think, and they do use lobe, just carefull you don't get a boner as it could come accross as if your enjoying it, they also do a cup n cough.. they cup your sack then make you cough, quite pleasurus if they do them both at once I'd say.
  10. haha i should have guessed i wouldn't get a full answer. still at least im forewarned enough to make sure i'v whiped my ass properly before the medical..
  11. Whatever you do....don`t push back!! You might catch gay!
  12. Get someone else to whip it - much more enjoyable!
  13. I'm outraged... I've yet to have a finger up my hoop despite countless Army medicals!

    Livid with Outraged Anger! :x
  14. Maybe you're ugly. :wink:
  15. That may be, but still...

    I'm even more outraged that they discriminate based on your appearance!