What do the TA do?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by FPF_my_loc, Mar 18, 2004.

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  1. An odd topic and not my favourite by far but this has interested me recently.
    How many fire units are in a TA GBAD Regt? Now in my day...sand bag time...each TA Regt had 36 Wpn Platforms and was therefore equivqlent to a Regular Bty.
    SP and LML aside I know hear they have roughly the same as a Regular Troop....is this true?
    So if a troopy begins life as a 2Lt and may make it to Capt before they post him/her to some desk, why are we paying a Lt Col to do the same job but only on a Tuesday night and the odd weekend in 4?

    Is this further proof that GBAD isn't dying..it's dead. Watch out 47 and 12 you're heading the way of 16. Oh and 16 do you like blue?
  2. Yep, 6 per troop, 2 missile troops per Bty, 3 fighting btys per regt. 6x2x3 = 36.

    Well, obviously he doesnt get the same money as a regular Lt Col, probably only about 1/5th of his salary, and they do alot more than just provide CAD.

    If GBAD is dead, are any other forces around the world coming to the same conclusion and getting rid of theirs?

    You're probably right, but removing GBAD and CAD will be regretted when we eventually face a well equipped opponent with decent FGA/Heli capability...

    Get rid of a capability and it becomes a weakness that any enemy worth his salt will exploit.

  3. I'm afraid you're missing a fairly large point. COs of TA Regts aren't TA they're regular..so are their Adjts and a mirriad of other hangers on. Same pay 365 including that magic X factor!

    And I know what the book says about the size of these TA Regts..but what do they really have? I don't think it's the full 36 as we didn't buy the second tranche of HVM..SP or otherwise. I think they're troop sized? Prove me wrong...and quoting the Staff Officers' Hand Book doesn't count.

    As for your FGA/Heli threat..tell me which nation this will be that we come up against? The only 2 I can think of (bearing in mind that our GBAD is the last line after the comedy of CAP, Patriot and Hawk) are China or the Yanks and either way we're fucked there.

    So what's the answer?
  4. Well, my CO certainly isnt a regular.

    I do agree with you on some levels, particularly on the numbers thing. There is no way that any of the TA CAD regts could be fully mobilised, ie as a regt, they'd probably even stuggle to go as a battery with the regular manning levels you talk about. 106 Regt have the War Establishment Reserve role, which (I think) the other regts should be changed to.

    Realisistically, no TA regt (well there may be a few exceptions) would ever go as a unit... But, the regulars are for the foreseeable future under strength. Why not make 104 WER for 12 Regt, 105 WER for 47 and 106 WER for 16...?

    As for the threat... God knows where it will come from next. Perhaps you are right, and that is why the RN is getting rid of its Sea Harriers, and the RAF is reducing its Typhoon order. But you can be sure that as soon as we get rid of GBAD, some bloke will bump up his FGA/heli force and attack some of our interests. And I haven't even mentioned who is going to take on the UAV threat and Cruise missiles yet...

    While we're at it, lets get rid of the Nuclear deterrent, our field hosptials, and our NBC defence capability, the TA infantry and our Para Regts. Just because things have not been used to their full potential in the last 20-30 years, does not mean that there is not a need for them.
  5. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Tis tosh, In my experience CO's are 50% Reg and 50% TA* with an alternating order so a Reg CO is replaced by a TA CO and so on. However you are quite right to say Adj's, TM's, RSO's, QM's, RQMS's and other hangers on as you point out will often/normally be regular.

    Without knowing exactly what all these cmd appointments are doing - just because they don't have soldiers or trainsets full time doesn't mean that there are not 300 Bergens to count, Freq's to indent for, 1045's to fill in and parades to organise. Often the difference is that in a regular unit a QM can grab ten guys to do something, in a TA unit he'll have to do it himself - no trainset to delegate to as it were.

    We should not forget the regular army's 8-4 with 20 fag breaks and knock off early Wednesday for Sport and Friday for Friday's sake hardly means that regimental day to day is busy.

    And on that subject, I'm knocking off to go skiing - cheerio...

    * If it's not 50% it's 66% or similar.
  6. I have served with a couple of different TA units. Out of that possibly unrepesentative sample the SPSIs and PSIs at least have a tendency (though not overwhelmingly so) to be on their last posting or very young for their rank. For the younger ones it seems to be a bit of a career break, to allow them to mature into the rank so to speak.
  7. Heard an interesting story today about a TA Regt that held Regt level weekend ex and only 15 soldiers turned up from one squadron/coy/bty and another had only 5 toms turn up ( and NO Officers)!!

    "Sorry Col, your train set has stayed home to watch the football" :D
  8. Thats the thing Its Part Time & Voluntary, so if the Regular Col , PSi's et al are Kn@bbers and play fastball all the time (which is quite often in our regt) then the bunnies will vote to stay home. It often takes the majority of their posting for them to realise that they are not dealing with Regular mentalities and adapt their ways accordingly. Having said that I have worked with some top knotch 29 Cdo PSI's who have been great. :D
  9. Our bty has recently converted from a hvm battery to a fsc battery we have also moved from 104 regt (which is now a phoenix regt supporting 32 ra). We currently have 16 rapier operators within the bty, however we havent yet recieved a rapier fsc, although this should change in the new year. We currently use 16 regt ra kit on exercise, and they provide us with men to drive the vehicles as we have not yet got enough trained drivers. Presently this arrangement is working well, myself and the other rapier trained guys are gaining a lot of useful information and advice from the regular soldiers and they are treating us extremely well. Our role now is to support 16 regt on future ops and provide them with IRs etc.

    From what i can gather every TA unit and sub unit has been paired with a regular unit to support them as and when needed.
    for example 457 bty support 12 regt, 265bty and 210 bty support 16 regt etc.

    This relationship between the TA and regs should hopefully make the TA better trained and more professional, it should also help the regulars meet all of there commitments etc.

    As for the question regarding the CO we have a reg CO who is first class a regular adjutant, training major and RSM who are all excellent and are keen to improve the TA.
  10. ben,

    last time I looked 457 Bty supported 47 Regt. TA AD btys do not sp German based units. However, 12 regt will return to UK next year so things may change then.


  11. sorry i meant 47 regt ra, but isnt 12 regt due to share thorney island with 47 regt in the forseable future.
  12. not too sure about the Artillery but a TA infantry company does not have the same scaling as a regular one. We could only recruit the men for 2 platoons as opposed to 3, as the 3rd platoon was to be made up in wartime from those on the reserve list. Normally we would have 2 platoons on the ground with 2 sections in each, with a fully manned coy HQ and colorboys party. The reason for a low turnout was obviousely family and work commitments, courses and holidays.

    It still gave proper command and control to the coy & Bn HQs, as well as have enough bods on the ground to get something out of the training.

    As for CO's, we always had a regular CO, but I do know that neighbouring battalions sometimes had TA CO's but they were employed full time to carry out the day to day admin & such like.

    If you think this system is pants then don't blame the TA - its set down from upon high in the MoD. But remember one thing - those same lads & lasses are the ones giving up an easy time in civvy st to support the regs in the sand pit and the 'stan - and doing a bloody good job of it!
  13. hvm boy the last time i looked ( this morning) your co was a regular the new one does not take over untill june 2007
  14. What do the TA do?

    get claims

    waste money

    provide a place for those who cannot hack RD anymore to hide

    disband them now
  15. Straigh "F" for current affairs, youth.

    Fucking clown.