What do the Rha surveillance and target acquisition do in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by clarky742, Dec 28, 2011.

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  1. Im 9 weeks in basic and haven't got long left before phase 2. I still haven't made a definite decision on regiments and am torn between 3 gmlrs, light gun, and target acquisition.

    Can somebody give me a rundown of what these regiments do in Afghanistan?

    To be specific can you tell me what Gmlrs do ie do they do infantry roles, or patrols etc
    Same with the target acquisition what do they do in Afghanistan. Ie dig in on enemy lines etc.

    Sorry to sound dumb but woul prefer for advice from people who been in or currently serving with these regs. Cheers Clarky
  2. Surveil and acquire targets
  3. Firstly the RHA only do Guns, both 105mm Light Gun, and AS90. Currently in Afghanistan they use the light gun.

    GMLRS funnily enough man the GMLRS launcher, they do this in Afghanistan. They do not do infantry roles or patrols etc.

    Surveillance and Target Acquisition is done by 5th Regiment. The soldiers essentially man surveillance equipment in static FOB locations. They do not do infantry work or patrolling.

    The digging in behind enemy lines role is the traditional role undertaken by 4/73 Bty RA. However they do not do this in Afghanistan, instead providing FSTs to augment the deployed gun regiment. If you want to join 4/73 Bty you have to pass an arduous selection course.

    If you want to patrol as a Gunner in the RA/RHA you will need to look at joining a gun Regiment and attempting to become an OP Ack.
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  4. thought id post here save making a new thread thing..

    with 1rha going to afghanistan in the new year would most new recruits be posted there for more man power or does it not have any effect?
  5. First I've heard that the Wonkey Dollopers are heading over there this year. You mean 19 Regt?