What do the RAC actually do?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Creamy_Fargis, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Forgive me if someone's already made this thread but I had a look and couldn't see anything relevant.

    I know nobody is interested so I'll try and make this quick, I have an army application on the go, and I passed ADSC in August with a B grade. My first and second choices fell through and I have to find something else I want to do. The only thing that sprung to mind that I'm elegible for is the RAC.

    So, I want to find out more about it before I put it forward as my chosen trade, and the army jobs website is shite. I like the idea of driving tanks and all that malarkey, but I've heard that alot of RAC people are now driving Mastiffs and the like on tour (not that that bothers me). Plus with all the planned cuts to the Challenger fleet in the SDSR, I was wondering what the day to day job, and more importantly my role in Afghanistan would entail if I joined the RAC.

    (I've no particular preference as to which regiment I join, but if joining say the QRL meant I was more likely to drive a Scimitar than a Mastiff then I'd probably do that)
  2. I think they fix cars and offer a variety of roadside assistance options?
  3. They're the Fourth Emergency Service, are'nt they? Or is that the other lot?
  4. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    but it ain't been the same since they got rid of their motorbikes and sidecars
  5. Other Roadside Assistance agencies are available!
  6. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    I think a more inteligent question would be what don't they do,crocheting comes to mind and thats about it.really, altho some of my stitch work was pretty damn good,
  7. Ok, I'll rephrase if that's the way this works. Could somebody give me some insight into the current operational role of the Royal Armoured Corps?
  8. Well,when i was in we drank lots of beer and ate lots of bratties.
  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Check your PMs
  10. Anyone know what the score is ref RAC taking over the BRF role for the Oct 2011 tour? I can't see it happening personly but just wondered if anyone else heard this, or if it's just rumour control over here?
  11. Cheers Jim24, helpful stuff.

    Also, what dictates whether/when you're mounted or not in a recce unit? Something I read recently suggested there's infantry types that are part of the regiment, as well as drivers, gunners, commanders etc. At least that's what I gleamed from it, if so, is there a choice as to what you do? (I'm aware there's a progression from driver to gunner to commander, not that the army jobs website tells you that either, useless bollocks it is).
  12. Already happened. All BRFs less for 16AA and 3Cdo Bdes' are now formed around the core of a re-rolled RAC FR Sqn. This has been the case for some time.
  13. Cheers mate, our last tour with 19 had a mix mash BRF same as when we were out with 52. I just thought that this was rumour control. So I'm assuming that they will still have to do recce cmdrs then?
    Does this also mean that we can't ask for BRF selection when it starts before the pre-deployment packages begin then seeing as we're inf?
  14. The career structure for RAC BRF soldiers currently remains the same as for Formation Recce Sqns. So, for instance, in order to qualify to promote to Sgt one of the things a Cpl would have to do is the RAC Formation Recce crew commanders' course. This covers much of the same ground but is not identical to the dismounted recce commanders' course which I think you are refering to. Annocdotally I know of RAC BRF officers and soldiers doing the dismounted recce commanders' course, but it is not classified as a career course by the RAC (yet!)

    Not sure about your second question. My understanding is that the core BRF Sqn trains together as a BRF (i.e. wheeled/dismounted recce) during HFT, up to and including BATUS, etc. I think that the Sqns then get augmented for MST and the tour itself with FACs, FOOs, MFCs, LEWTs and others including some infantry soldiers. These bring the total establishment up to the required number and provide the vital niche skills (arguably including dismounted close combat). So if you want to deploy in a BRF, you may well be able to but if selected you may find yourself working in a BRF based on an RAC Sqn.

    Hopefully this answers your questions.
  15. BRF for Herrick 15 is already training with the lead being taken by QDG