what do the lads think of this

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by podge, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. RADIO bosses faced furious complaints after soccer legend Rodney Marsh gave a girl news reader the giggles - while she read a report of a British soldier's death in Afghanistan.

    Robyn Schonhofer laughed uncontrollably for almost a minute after announcing the landmine tragedy in her bulletin on Talk Sport.

    She told shocked listeners that former England and QPR star Marsh, 61, had hit his head on a microphone.

    Chuckling Marsh then mocked the bulletin, calling it "comedy news".

    Tory MP Mark Lancaster said: "It was disrespectful to the memory of the soldier, who served his country proudly."

    Marsh's co-presenter Adrian Durham apologised for the gaffe on Wednesday. He said: "It was not in great taste."

    Talk Sport is Britain's largest commercial speech radio' station. Programme Director Bill Ridley said last night: "We deeply regret the incident."

    Joker Marsh was fired by Sky Sports last year for a pun about the tsunami disaster -speaking of Newcastle's "Toon Army in Asia". And when England boss Alf Ramsey once threatened to "pull him off at half-time" cheeky Marsh quipped: "I normally only get a cup of tea and an orange."

    should i feel so p... off about this .
  2. They should make Marsh do the next Casualty Notification, see those parents and loved ones devastated, then see if he thinks its all a laugh. Pr1ck
  3. Even better, send the cnut out to bastion for a cheer up the troops visit. Sure the colleagues of the guy would be glad to see him! W@nker of the highest order
  4. What he meant to say is, quality,now listening figures will go up, as people listen in to see if we do anything else.

    So what will they really do, fcuk all, thats it, good old rodders will carry on,they will carry on making money, but i must remember when rodders dies to phone talk sport and say 'good news' wonder if they will broadcast that.
  5. Absolute disgrace.
    Should be sacked, or at the very least face some other frm of disciplinaary action.
  6. What an absolute pr1ck. I remember when he said that on SkySports as well. Send him out to the fcuking sandpit and see if he laughs then.
  7. Just emailed the studio about it, see what reply i get shall we.

    reply so far is Thank you for your email! Rest assured, our highly trained team of web monkeys are processing them now!
  8. Why not email Rodney Marsh & Robyn Schonhofer here and let the know what you think - Clicky and Clicky
  9. I never liked Rodney Marsh when he was in sky sports.

  10. One word... CNUT
  11. Now I am no fan of the Mockney pr1ck, but it was not actually his fault was it... the dozy bint laughed because he hit his head on a mic FFS... The stupid bint should be the one getting a slap (and slap Marsh aswell for breathing).
  12. TalkSport Webpage: ROBYN SCHONHOFER

    Possibly a quick break with BFBS might open Robyn's eyes as to why so many people will view her conduct as posted here. I sincerely hope that Robyn realises this and hopefully apologises on air at the earliest opportunity.

    As for Rodney Marsh - I recall the football playing days, and have witnessed his time as a pundit, but can't quite recall exactly what his military background was. Perhaps an ARRSE'r could remind me?!
  13. allegedly he used to get anally dry buggered at Catterick in the 60s

    An Talk Sports monkeys still aint replied
  14. TWAAATS the pair of them. Sack em both
  15. Have emailed the prick to let him know what I think. Will email the dozy bird next. Real scum. :x