What do the ******* do when its raining.



Sat in my car with the missus today, just outside the PX in JHQ, watching some pad struggle to get his kids into his car, when I heard it.........'boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom'......the sound of the chav, growing louder as it neared the carpark.

Confidentally expecting a Vauxhall Corsa with an 8 inch exhaust and a couple of spotty Herberts in the back 'wiv Donna', to enter the carpark, I was taken aback when a large black Lexus 4 wheel drive, with all the windows down (despite the fact it has air con) pulled up, over two parking bays, right next to the dad who had just managed to wrestle his last kid into the back of the car, before it got ran over.

As the driver of the Lexus casually walked away from his car towards the PX, he slowly looked around to see if he had an audience.......which he did. He then 'remembered' that he had 'forgot' to close his windows, turns, points the ignition key at his car and presses the button, at which point his black windows automatically closed. My wife uttered 'what a w*nker' roughly at the same time as the lad with the kids and several others within the carpark.

What is it about the sunshine that brings knobs like this out? What do they do when it's raining?


Biscuits you're going soft: half brick through the windows was the IA there.


I assume that he was either JHQ or Elmpt based.

If anyone knows him, please bring this post to his attention.
Clearly a classless penis anyway....... I'd sooner be force fed my own feet than drive a Lexus.

Japanese for 'Ploppy'
dont bother with a window .

six inch nails on each tyre , that will be £500 for a new set :D
One good deep key-ing on the driver's side door (get in past the paint, gouge the metal). Then stick around if you enjoy seeing grown men cry in public. Such a small area of damage that can cost so much to fix!

Works here in L.A., shouldn't be any different for that creampuff.

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