What do the Board Results Say to You?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. To me they say PD6 has well and truly kicked in. I thought things were looking forward, commissioning a good proportion of FofS/YofS but no, I only see a few long in the tooth Supervisors (rightly or wrongly) promoted along with a massive whack of RDs. Why was this? Are there that many WO2 RD slots?
    What happened to promoting excellence? Who is going to fill the WO2 Supvr slots...SSgts with acting rank, not pensionable? Theft by policy in my mind!!!
    If that posting order ever says '18 Sigs' on it the Padre can expect a call, if I'm going to be marking time, I'm doing it in comfort. Bahamas Territorial J6 Liaison Offr here I come!!!
  2. Missed out on promotion then?
  3. Nup, marking time.
  4. It says to me lots of pissed off blokes and a few happy blokes. I suppose it's been the same since humans decided to have some type of hierarchy.
  5. That just seems to be the state of the British Army today, although it is that time of year so hopefully, come summer, everyone will feel happy again.
  6. Top third, middle third? :)
  7. Spot on. Just about sums up the annual Promotion Board back story.
  8. been in current rank for 2 years (1 year acting) without an SJAR or MPAR so I don't know. At my current place, probably bottom third (of 3) in trade, maybe just maybe a sniff at middle in rank. I don't have a problem with the unit though, just the Corps policy directive on promotion.
  9. To be honest unless you've got an A grade SJAR you're not looking at picking up within the first two years in rank unless there is no one else to promote. Acting rank doesn't count either.
  10. Minimum of A- I believe. BUT that isn't going to help young thrusters that a stuck in rank for 5 years before the board gets to see their SJAR.
  11. Good luck. I reckon the whole promotion board system will be struggling to keep up with the ever-changing Establishment tables at the moment! Opportunities will inevitably become more rarer as the numbers are culled.
  12. So you are saying some soldiers SJARs are being withheld from a promotion board for upwards of 3 years in some cases?

    ******* bollocks.
  13. Those personnel who are most vociferous after a non successful promotion result are in the main, *******.

    The truth is a cutting mistress.
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  14. Are you referring to me, because I'm out of bracket so just have to wait (as opposed to perform) or are you referring to the 264 Sabre Sqn YofS's who can't promote because of PD6 or are you referring to those that have got promoted because they are the ones in bracket?
    SOinC is a cutting mistress I think.
  15. That's the long and the short of it. Top 3 (by a long way) in my place didn't go to the board.