What do TA Techs do???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. Wonder if anyone actually knows what RSigs techs do.... I can't for the life of me think of what their job is, kit went out of service 5-15 years ago. The make brews and sleep, maybe put together an OHP kit but ......

    Why oh why .... what do TA RSigs do, will probably be the next question... A. whinge on arrse?
  2. Guess it's jealousy... most have to wait until they get 3 stripes to do FA!
  3. We have to wait for dead mans shoes, or try to work out how look after kit we can't get trained to look after, or remind CS Operators what they are supposed to remember, and then make brews

  4. Hmm sounds like what i do in my down time
  5. We all had the choice at the ACIO/TA recruiting bit... you made the wrong choice. Don't be bitter.
  6. Can't really knock techs.... I'd have been one if the trade manages to catch up with civvy street of at least 20 years ago
  7. As a regular tech serving with the TA I can safely say that, when you can get them to turn up TA techs don't do a hell of a lot. Juniors too interested in attending shooting weekends and SNCO's sitting on their arses in offices.
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  9. Tech Weaners, are employed for one sole reason, to be an Operators brew bitch!!!

  10. Techs used to do a heck of lot, with ptarmigan
  11. Yep old news, all in the past now as it's been scrapped!!!

  12. STILTS, w ho makes the brews for teh Tech when they are inspecting an Ops det? Would that be the Op, praying for less A jobs if they do?

    Ptarmigans gone, but techs are still working the WANs quite well.
  13. Ah, but a decent Operator will not get any A jobs if he has maintaned his det correctly!! If the weaner does not get the brews in the its the ED'd job!!!!!

  14. No A jobs means either the tech wasn't looking hard enough or the brew was acceptable. :p
  15. or X/Y jobs on an RSIT inspection means the tech was drinking too much tea!!!!!