What do people actually expect from the NHS?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jimbojetset, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. What sort of service do people expect from the NHS?
    One of the feelings I have about the NHS is that the expecations far outweigh the ability to provide. Essentially, can we provide every "essential" operation and who decides that? Every medication? Service? Mental Health/Learning Disability/Community nursing/Community Mental Health?
    Where do we stop?
    This is a serious question so try not to get to excited about how blair and brown have done this or that, this is about expectations?
  2. I dont want to lie wounded in a bed, full of my own excrement without help, surrounded by screaming muslim women complaining that the army shouldnt be in Iraq.
    Is that expecting too much?

    Oh, and fluffier pillows and BJs from nurses obviously.
  3. If im ill I want them to make me better,
    If im broken I want them to fix me,
  4. From NHS – Nicer food please!

    From NHS staff - I would like to be seen to when I’m lying in the waiting room in and out of consciousness and not forced to be taken to another hospital.

    After having a baby and being unable to move I would like you too answer the bell when I ring it.

    I would like you to spend more time working that sitting in the staff area slagging off the patients.
  5. I think people exect the NHS to be a general sticking plaster for their lives.

    Got diabetes and chest-pains 'coz you're too fat? The NHS'll fix it.

    Got depression because your dog died/wife divorced you/sister gave you the clap? The NHS'll fix it.

    Cancer 'coz you've smoked and drank yourself into an early grave? The NHS ought to fix it, 'coz you're entitled, like, aren't you...

    Add in the vastly increased range and cost of treatments, the general increase in population, the move to a socal model of health care (5 A Day Coordinators, etc.), and a general widespread belief that "someone ought to do something" filtering into every facet of life and you get an organisation the original NHS was never intended to be.
  6. To be fair, most people do pay for that service in tax so why shouldnt they expect it to give some kind of return?

    I am happy to go private, on the proviso that the government allow me to opt of of paying National Insurance.

    Like that'll happen. Cnuts.
  7. From the NHS I'd like to see the money the tax paying person who's lived and breathed here all their life, or has come in and put into the system, get something back out of it. Or I'd like to see them produce bills to the medical tourists like our American or even closer European counter parts do.

    I'd also like to see the poor GP's on a paltry £110k stop moaning about how badly off they are and asking for £20 per hour to see patients who can't see them for appointments out of hours as it would effect their minimum wage jobs.

    Also reverting to free dental care for afore mentioned tax payers to be reintroduced so we don't have a civillian population of people with teeth like they had in the dark ages.

    To much to ask for? Probably.... after all this is Britain.
  8. I'd be interested to know what the reply to that would be. I can imagine, but would love to hear what they would say to that.
  9. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I don't care about artificial markets, fundholder GPs or artificial 'choice', I'd like all local hospitals to be good hospitals. I'm lucky in that the two nearest to me are clean, efficient, well-staffed and effective but I know that doesn't apply to everyone.

    I'd like the Government to think about combining their transport policy (reducing the dependence on cars) with their NHS policy (fewer hospitals further apart).

    I'd like the stupidity of PFI not to wreck excellent hospitals like Hinchingbrooke - an efficient low-cost hospital, being penalised an probably closed because its costs aren't as high as its near neighbours in Peterborough and Cambridge.

    I'd like doctors and surgeons to be able to say 'look, I told you to lose weight /stop smoking / stop overfeeding your children - you don't get surgery / treatment until you do. Here's a diet sheet / nicotine patch. Now go away and don't come back until you can take responsibility for your life'. (Thing is, do I also say - you crashed your BMW by driving like an arrse, I'm not re-building you?)

    I'd like people to realise that we all die in the end, and that we are often as responsible for how and when that happens as our doctors are.

    I'd like nurses not to have bad backs and rheumatism through lifting 36 stone people. I'd like those people to pay the £100 per day it costs for the extra strong bed they need.

    I'd like people to be able to share the cost of their treatment - if they need a therapy which the NHS doesn't fund, they can fund it themselves without losing the right to other treatment being free.

    I'd like all the target setters, administrators, managers, and measurers to spend the rest of their lives as ward orderlies, changing dressings, cleaning up poo and wee and mopping floors. (Add various Ministers of Health for the last thirty years to that list).

    I'd like midwife-led maternity units available to everyone, military casualties treated together and everyone to be treated without risk of being harassed by others who don't like them/what they do.

    I'd like the money spent on translating information into umpteen languages in the NHS (and my local authority) spent on English Lessons, and an immigration services which doesn't allow residence or access to MY NHS unless adequate English is spoken.

    Oh, and I'd like nurses to be paid half as much as politicians, and to enjoy the same pension benefits.
  10. I'd like them not to kill my relatives and friends through utter incompetence at basics like keeping clean. Not too much to ask for - Ms Nightingale managed it in the Crimea, but the NHS has forgotten how to.
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Good point. Too hard for one hospital in Devon I had to visit too often last year. My relative with diabetes and cancer was given a dose of MRSA to go with them.

    Still with all those politicians mopping the floor, that should improve things. Once they're trained of course. Or at least bringing the cleaning back into the hospitals, rather than being done by the cheapest outside contractor with the least interested or trained staff.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I'd like after a car crash in which the throbber who hit me head whilst he was trying to overtake a lorry on a blind bend at 60mph not to be put into the bed next to me. I'd also have preferred to have been xrayed where I told them it hurt rather than where they felt like until the consultant hit the roof and I was subjected to more radiation than a submariner. I wuld also like after lying there unable to move my arms for 3 days dueto the fractured sternum to have been fed as leaving even NHS food just out of reach was feckin cruel. I also would like to have been given a nurse call that worked or one that I could use in my state. Serve them right cleaning my turds up! I am glad for the treatment I received in the CCU as they were top bananas. I am also glad that they didnt know about MRSA otherwise that would have been issue along with humourless idle foreign and agency nursing staff.
    Not going back in there again, its full of sick people!
  13. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

  14. If you watch any daytime TV its full of Doctors answering questions from hyperchondriact "Trisha Trash" who "Feel a bit down!" or "My skin isnt as smooth as the cow next door"

    The answer they give is always "Go to your GP" even women who change their diet are told this, and I bet the silly sods go straight to the docs. I change my diet at every meal, I would feel a bit silly saying "Doc, I hasd Frosties this morning then I changed my diet to fish fingers, chips and alphabetty spaggetti for lunch.

    I bet surgeries are full of people who watch This Morning
  15. I think people with some sort of service related injury/illness should get some form of priority for treatment.
    Obese people/smokers/heavy drinkers should be made to illustrate that they are actively trying to improve their health themselves prior to receiving treatment for related conditions.
    There should be adequate dentists availble for all, after 12 months of being out the army I still havent got a dentist, none of them in my local area are taking on NHS patients.
    Before people receive treatment (except in an emergency) they should be made to complete eligability questionaire i.e something which would stop so called NHS tourists.
    Other than that, if I or any of my family are sick to the extent that we cant help ourseleves out, provide assistance when needed and I will be happy.