What do other armies carry in their bergans?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by hogstable, May 9, 2010.

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  1. Not a wah but what do other armies carry. Our bergans seem a bit bigger than what for example the American guys carry, I know that a lot of it is if you have vehicle / helo support but even so we seem to carry a lot of volume, even our armoured infantry.

    Standing by
  2. At a rough guess I would presume something pretty similiar to ourselves but manufactured in their own countries. Hope this helps :D
  3. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Sweet **** all if most other bergans i've felt are anything to go by! French spring to mind, fluffy things and cosy shite - nothing heavy (apart from food and la vino!)
  4. White flags, if they are expecting to fight us.
  5. Socks probably, lots of socks. and lots of other stuff.

    Now, if this was a large pack thread...
  6. Yeah right :roll:
  7. The Yanks carry coke and chocolate.
    The Frogs carry wine and a white flag.
    The Itallions carry a mirror for preening themselves.
    The Clogdancers carry their union membership cards and a copy of their terms of employment.
    Most African nations carry all their worldly possesions. (they don't have a bergan, just a trouser pocket.)
    The british carry a notebook and pen. (For writting their military memoirs.)

    I hope that has cleared it up for you.
  8. Doctrine aside (I'm yet to meet someone who actually carries DP1 outside of Kapooka/IETs), and not including mission essential equipment, I carry:

    - Magazines
    - Rifle cleaning kit
    - Rifle sling
    - Cups Canteen x2
    - 1L Water Bottle x2
    - Leatherman
    - Zippo
    - Mosquito head net
    - 1x FAD
    - Compass
    - Head torch
    - GPS
    - 1x meal
    - Minimi/MAG 58 ammo as required
    - black electrical tape
    - Toggle rope

    In my pack
    - Gonk bag
    - Bivvi
    - Shelter individual, 2x occy straps and 4x tent pegs
    - Japara/smock
    - softie jacket
    - beanie
    - shemagh
    - Gas cooker and small gas bottle
    - toiletries (shaving brush, shaving stick, razor, tooth brush and toothpaste)
    - housewife + sewing awl
    - personal first aid kit
    - Camelback
    - Socks quantity dependant on how long I'm going out
    - Rations
    - Spare uniform (if required)
    - ET (if required)
  9. Pretty much nail hit on head, and to add subject to change depending on environment & role intended

    All other armed forces have very similar 'basic list' but I guess the only way to find out is get the opportunity to go on a Int BG Excercise
  10. Haven't a clue what actual items other armies carry but once you address:

    Warm kit
    Wet proofs
    Something to sleep in
    Something to sleep under
    Something to cook with
    First aid
    Spare clothing

    Well, isn't that about it? Until of course you throw the ammo, stretchers, CWS or whatever on top of it all.
  11. Cheers, just seems that not everyone has the same size bergans as ourselves thats all.
  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I can only speak from my own experience from talking to some french infantry who were in the same transit camp as us. I suppose you will have a greater frame of reference?
  13. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    When I was struggling round Norway on my NATO Planks, I was accompnied by a Noggie LO. While my Bergan was stuffed to the gunwales with the RM Arctic Warfare Cadre-approved packing list, he would carry (from memory):

    (a) A jumper
    (b) Primus stove and fuel
    (c) a day's rations
    (d) Gonk bag

    I don't think Noggie soldiers carried very much more (apart from a diamond shaped thing that could be buttoned to other similar items to make various shelters - including a 10 man-tent !!) We carried them too, for making the roof when living in 10-man snowholes. I can't remember what we called them.

    I have also seen French troops (in Berlin) marching off to their defensive positions with 2 big french loaves sticking out the top of their rucsacs . . .
  14. I can tell you the new issue canadian rucksack/bergan is bigger. Bearing in mind we have about 4-6 months of norwegian-like weather, and so need to pack appropriately. Rest of the time it's something like:

    doss bag
    spare clothing
    mission essential kit

    What answer were you expecting?
  15. you want to see the aussie army bergan,could fit a small house in there, especially with all the pouches!!!