What do NCOs want in an Officer?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Red_Troop, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. What qualities and skills do NCO's want in Officers to make them easy to work with and get on well?

  2. Newly qualified Subby Alert! :twisted:
  3. Common sense, the ability to listen and accept advice would be near the top of most lists
  4. An ability to not be around alot, make a good brew and lastly, hand the map over.

    sorry, the voices told me to post this.
  5. Welcome, Sir.

    Now sit in your office and I'll bring you some things to sign. Let me know when you want some leave.
  6. I presume thats something bad! :oops: :oops:
  7. listen to the people who have been doing the job without you for years.
    Never ever touch a map
    If you really think something needs changing, ask why if its been tried your 'new' way. (usually it has and that's why we are doing it this way)
  8. Speak half as much as you listen, and learn to say Platoon Sgt Carry on!
  9. No, it's not. Was one myself. Lot's of good advice above, I'd add that you must form a solid working relationship with your SNCO. Give him plenty of rope/scope/respect, but remember the buck stops with you! And I'm not being funny now!
  10. What do NCO's want in an Officer?

    Depends if the officer is male or female :D

    Pass me coat ... again!
  11. and what do you think sgt
  12. I want a female S/Lt to wear full webbing and to face my main mast and salute :D
  13. Like a few blank 1033 pads. Never be diffy again!
  14. What do NCO's want in an Officer ?

    Well speaking personally something heavy and blunt.
  15. Come armed with wit, wisdom and backbone. Everything else you will learn by experience; yours or your men's.