What do Kenyan elite distance runners eat?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gobbyidiot, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Article in running mag - basically a bucket load of mixed carb (600g a day) with loads of porridge, other starch and beans and only 4 portions of meat a week of about 100g a time.

    The interesting thing was the sheer quantity of sugary tea they drank - they were getting a big slice of their calories from milky tea with loads of "white death".

    They also made a point of getting it down their necks soon (ie within an hour) after their session, did two sessions a day, didn't run that long in total (although plenty far by normal standards) and did quite a lot of quality work rather than churning it out.
  2. its a lie, they eat grass and mud and train running away from tigers and shit lol
  3. How the hell can they find time to run when they do nothing but eat banquets everyday, did the article mention desert anywhere?
  4. Tigers in Africa you muppet? :roll:
  5. Ssshhhh....
  6. Wasn't that a Ripping Yarn?

    Bedridden squaddie - "So I suppose it's just a virus then? Wait for it to grow back?"

    Doctor - "No.............I don't think so. You see, viruses are what we doctors call, very, very small. So small, in fact, that one couldn't possibly have made off with your whole leg. No, I think what we're looking for is something significantly larger. Something of the species felis horribilis. To wit, a tiger"

    Everybody - "A tiger!! In Africa"
  7. Have you been drinking meths again?
  8. Off topic, but I was buying a bottle of meths for use in a burner. As the pharmacist (who looked okay) handed it to me I said, "Do you have a cold one?"

    Not a crinkle. Not even the suggestion of a smile. I nearly didn't get the f*****g meths.
  9. They eat biscuits AB, treacle pudding and other delights thrown to then from the backs of Bedfords by troops on EX Grand Prix.
  10. The kids also eat hexi blocks if you pay them enough.
  11. My pal slapped a bit of Kendal mint cake out of the hand of an officer cadet. The cadet was so thick my mate thought he was eating hexi.

    And that cadet is commissioned, and out there..........................
  12. Don't they eat each other? That's got to be an incentive to run faster :roll:
  13. thick enough to eat Kendal nasty mint b'tard Cake is acceptable though?
  14. :D Posho, maize meal, their main staple diet, cooked in water like porridge, the secret is you eat it two hours before the race and the wind you produce from your rear 1 propels you faster and 2 the smell makes the opposition gasp for breath cannot lose if you stay in the front . 8) 8)
  15. Runner beans, obviously