What do i need to get commissioned?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jock_commando, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. ive been in the army now for 6 years and want to become an officer. i would like to know what qualifications i need to get commissioned.
    thanks in advance for your help
  2. Check out the PODs course held at Worthy Down. It's run by the ASE and the DS can help you out.
  3. Thanks mate.
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  6. Jock,

    AFAIK as you joined after 2000, to go the Direct Entry route you will need a minimum of 2 A levels or equivalent quals (but given that the spare to the heir managed it, I'm sure you can), as well as appropriate support (reports, recommendations) from your CoC. I am sure AGAIs will give chapter & verse, but your admin office is a better place to ask on that score. There are also age and med cat restrictions.

    Or, stick it, get to SNCO/Warrant rank and go for an LE commission. Whichever, all the best.

  7. If you've been in for six years and have to come here to find out how to become an officer I don't think that you're going to make it.
  8. I really don't care what you think mate.
  9. All depends what qualifications you have. I can't remember Chapter and Verse, although I think it's two A Levels, minimum

    However, for serving soldiers, I think CO's recommendation and EFP used to do it. Not sure what the modern day equivalent is - possibly JCLM? In exceptional cases, a certificate from your local AEC proclaiming you're not an absolute thickkie should do the trick.

    Have you been recommended for commissioning, or is this something you aspire to? your CofC should give you robust advice on your suitability.

    Next step after that is Form RG01 that you should fill out and submit to the CofC.

    Full details are in Army Commissioning Regulations 1999 in your Orderly Room.
  10. Jock,

    Your OC/CO will have a pretty good view on this. Have a chat with them and see what they think. I am sure that they will be pretty supportive. All the best.
  11. As an ex-ranker they will normally let you off with the A levels but be aware that the criteria seems to change every couple years so your best bet is to ask someone from your CoC to help you find the most recent criteria.

    My unit was really, really helpful and supportive through the whole process and one of the best things they did was to get an ex-ranker officer to sit me down and talk me through the pros and cons of going for it and whether he thought it had all been worth it.
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